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Zhou Gongjin

Zhou Gongjin

Character Name
Full Name Zhou Gongjin
Kanji 周 公瑾
Furigana しゅう こうきん
Personal Info
Gender Male

Zhou Gongjin is a character that appears in Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel. He is an antagonist appearing from the Yokohama Disturbance to the Ancient City Insurrection Arcs, manipulating conflicts and problems behind-the-scenes.


Jiedo Heigu - Zhou has a master and subordinate relationship with Heigu, but thinks about possible problems that could occur with the plans that Heigu has created.

Ooguro Ryuuya - He is the source of Zhou's irritation as he constantly inferences during his plan. Uncovering the identity of him is also one of Zhou's goals.

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