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Yotsuba Maya

Maya anime

Character Name
Full Name Yotsuba Maya
Kanji 四葉 真夜
Furigana よつば・まや
Personal Info
  • Queen of Night
  • Devil of the Far East
  • Demon of the Far East
Age 47
Gender Female
Height 165 cm
Ability Name Meteor Stream
Voiced By Chiwa Saito (Anime)
Novel Volume 3, Chapter 2 (Mentioned)
Volume 7, Chapter 13 (First Appearance)
Anime Episode 5, Enrollment Chapter V (Glimpse)
Episode 7, Enrollment Chapter VII (First Appearance)

Yotsuba Maya (四葉 真夜) is the current and third Head of the Yotsuba Family, one of the two most powerful families among the Ten Master Clans. She is Tatsuya and Miyuki's aunt as she is the twin sister of their mother, Shiba Miya. Maya is considered one of, if not the most powerful magicians in the world, and one of the Seven Sages (七賢人) who has access to Hliðskjálf (フリズスキャルヴ).

Appearance and Personality

Ep7Screenshots (14)

Maya in the Anime

She is a woman full of feminine charms and enchanting mature beauty. In the manga and anime, she looks virtually identical to her sister, Miya, and very similar to her niece, Miyuki.

She is so fearsome that even her cousin, Kuroba Mitsugu, is terrified of her. It is mentioned that she has a good sense of humor and willingness to join in on a good joke.

She is wary of Tatsuya, proven by her calling him a "monster" (referring to his monstrous power), seeing him as a potential threat and going to great lengths to keep him on a short leash and loyal to the Yotsuba through Miyuki.


When she was around twelve, Maya was kidnapped while visiting Taipei as part of a cultural exchange program sponsored by the Asian Branch of the International Magic Association. Her fiancé, Saegusa Kouichi, who was with her during the kidnapping, lost an eye trying to save her. [1]

Maya was raped and experimented on by her kidnappers from Dahan's infamous Kunlunfang Institute[1] After she was recovered, Maya's elder sister, Yotsuba Miya, turned all of her experiences into information, separating the emotions from the memories to prevent the experience from overwhelming her sister's battered psyche. As a result, she claimed that Miya had killed her, as experiences are what make up a person and their personality. [1]

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 09 - Large 09

Glimpse of the Yotsuba Twins in the Anime.

Due to that incident, Miya and Maya no longer had the warm sisterly bond they had shared before the incident. Maya also lost the ability to procreate due to the experiments, and her betrothal and relationship with Saegusa Kouichi was called off (due to the loss of her emotional bonds as well as her inability to bear children). [1]

  • Yotsuba Twins
  • Miya and Maya, the Yotsuba Twins

Her father, Yotsuba Genzou, Head of the Yotsuba Clan along with other members of the Yotsuba then avenged Maya's kidnapping and torture by eliminating the upper echelons of Dahan's government and almost everyone connected to the Kunlunfang Institute. With the loss of the Kunlunfang Institute's research and magic knowledge Dahan was unable to counter the Great Asian Alliance and was assimilated. [1]

Ultimately, the Yotsuba lost 30 men, including Genzou (who died due to overusing his magic Grim Reaper), which was almost half of their combat force. However, these 30 Yotsuba were able to eliminate over 4,000 people including the highest ranking politicians and most powerful magicians in Dahan. The degree of retribution inspired great fear of the Yotsuba and earned them the epithet of "Untouchable". [1]


Magical Abilities

Meteor Stream, Maya's innate magic, is a Convergence Type magic which controls the distribution of light in its area of effect. Its power is especially amplified in a closed space such as rooms or tunnels.

The magic interferes with the structural information of the object via the distribution of light, directly vaporizing solids and liquids without affecting heat or pressure; in other words a type of decomposition magic which decomposes material into gas. It is almost impossible to defend against this magic by anti-magic or barriers against physical phenomena like Phalanx. [2]


  • The kanji for "Maya" means "true night" in Japanese.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, Maya does not have the ability to use any sort of Mental Interference Magic, and thus has not and cannot personally put any limiters on Tatsuya.


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