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Yellow Turban Doll Warriors
Ancient Magic Taoist Magic
Single Target (Non-Mechanical Dolls)
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Taoist Master of the Great Asian Union
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Wood and Stone

As Makoto glanced through the data Zhou had handed him, he summoned the person in charge of lab security and ordered a gag order imposed concerning Zhou’s visit.

Don’t even inform the previous head. Got it?

Makoto commanded that it be kept so completely secret, that he even included Kudou Retsu. The chief of lab security looked troubled as he made his farewell and withdrew. Next, Makoto contacted the private information broker he used. From the information broker who came in less than an hour, Makoto requested a supplemental investigation to the one Zhou Gongjin had already offered.

Finished with the first document, Makoto leaned back in his chair and sighed deeply.

Yellow Turban Doll Warriors, hmm?

He had murmured that intermittently as he perused the data concerning the occultist’s specialty in the dossiers. It was written there, that the three refugees were working on reviving the lost Taoist spell of the ‘Yellow Turban Doll Warriors’.

Way too convenient.

It was just like they had waited for the development of the Parasite Dolls to bring them in and sell them. Makoto understood Zhou’s request. Regardless of how top secret the development of the Parasite Dolls was, Zhou had gotten a hold of the information, Makoto concluded.

I ought to be concerned with how he got the information, but...

However, when it came to the principles of puppets, spells to turn them into warriors, golem magic and the rest, ancient magic was one or two steps ahead of modern magic in spells that manipulated non-mechanical dolls from a distance. The spells the Parasite Dolls needed weren't those that used magic to manipulate puppets without a will of their own, but ones that controlled the devilishness inside the mechanical dolls; however, these deeply resembled the ancient magic spells that manipulated Spiritual Beings used as agents in dolls in many respects.

Taking all this into consideration, magicians who had researched the lost art of the ‘Yellow Turban Doll Warriors’ were just the type of people that he wanted to have working on developing the Parasite Dolls no matter what.

What the heck? If they turn out to be snakes, I’ll just chop off their heads.

Hearing this conjecture, Zhou was obediently impressed. Not with Hague’s information network, but with the Japanese Military’s technical skill. It was outside his specialty, but he had learned to use sprites in his own occult studies - this was not a fairy but an angry spirit with a demonic core - and he had heard enslaving and containing it in a doll was a difficult spell.

(They’re reproducing the yellow turban doll warriors; the Japanese are doing well…...)

Despite not being Mountain Sages, they think they are able to control the things, hmm. However, using high school students for the performance test is truly foolish.

Volume 13, Chapter 2


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