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Yanagi Muraji


Character Name
Full Name Yanagi Muraji
Kanji 柳 連
Furigana やなぎ・むらじ
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation National Defense Force (101 Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion)
Occupation Major (101st Brigade)
Ability Name
Voiced By Yoshihisa Kawahara (Anime)
Novel Volume 3, Chapter 5
Anime Episode 11, Nine Schools Competition VI

Yanagi Muraji (柳 連) is a member of the 101 Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion. He holds the rank of Major.


Due in part for their accomplishments at Yokohama, the Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion gained renown as a Special Forces group capable of overcoming dire situations. Thus resulting in the promotions of certain Officers for their roles, however, these promotions were withheld since the Yokohama Incident even though it wasn't something the Ministry of Defense could ignore, which delayed the promotions that would have happened during July 2096 to happen in January 2097. [1]


Magical Abilities

Just like most members of the 101 Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion, he is an Ancient Magic User. He is the archetype anti-personnel combat Magician. He excels in reading the enemy's movement patterns, mixing physical skills, and magic to lure, amplify, or reverse enemy attacks in close combat. Yanagi is feared because he is capable of using his own body's movements to replace the need for a binding seal.


PvP - Yanagi vs Generator No.17


Revolution & Return

Revolution & Return are used by predicting the opponent's application of force and combining physical techniques with magic to lure, amplify and flip.

Revolution is the spell, Return replies on internal ki. There are also a few differences in practice. A true 'Return' requires no magic.

Yanagi used Return on "No Head Dragon"'s Generator - Number 17, during one of the events of the NSC to prevent him from rampaging among the audience. [2]

By predicting an opponent's application of force and combining physical techniques with magic to lure, amplify, and flip.


Yanagi stopping a generator

Thousand Tatami

Despite being an impressive magic, this is only a support magic and therefore cannot be used to land the final blow. It also causes considerable time to cast. 

Along this line, the wheels of the APCs left the ground. The shaking earth gave off a series of groans that told Yanagi the magic's results. The APC that was tilted off balance crashed into the vehicle alongside it. Careful scrutiny revealed that all the vehicles on the east flipped over to crush the ones on the west. Gravity-Type Magic "Thousand Tatami". By cutting off the Earth's gravity along the north-south axis, this caused the object to tilt from east to west because of the Earth's revolution."

"Yanagi's "Thousand Tatami" was a magic that cut off the Earth's gravity and was not something that directly altered the target's Eidos. Thus, the gravity nullifying magic completely ignored the enemy's defensive magic around the vehicle as it activated. The enemy APC started tilting over. The shock of the rotation caused the magic barrier surrounding the APC to buckle. After the penetrating rounds fired from the sky hit the armor on the bottom, the remaining three APCs were also devoured by fireballs.

Volume 7, Chapter 11

He is also mentioned to be sharing the same systematic talent with Tatsuya in relation to the latter`s Flash Cast skill, although it was noted that he can only "barely" reach the speed of Flash Cast. [3]


  • Yanagi is apparently the default second-in-command for the battalion, or is at least trusted very much by Kazama, as seen in several instances in the story where Kazama left Yanagi in charge of the unit.


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