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Weight Type
Single Target
Known Users
Chiba Erika
Related Spells
Alternate Yamatsunami Tsubamegaeshi

Yamatsunami (山津波) is a Gravity Systematic Inertia Control Magic that minimizes the inertia of the user and the weapon while closing in on a target at high speed. At the point of impact, the hidden sword technique amplifies the transfer of inertia with the weapon's inertia to strike the target.

The overlapping false values of inertia could be further enhanced running from a farther distance. The speed received from the transfer of inertia is coupled with the weight obtained from increased inertia. At its maximum strength, Yamatsunami can be compared to a giant, 10 ton guillotine crashing down. [1]

The secret weapon, Orochimaru (大蛇丸), is the blade forged to use Yamatsunami. The entire length of the sword is 180 cm, the blade alone being 140 cm. It is one of the weapons that is in the pinnacle of sword-type armament forged by the Chiba Family.

Yamatsunami Tsubamegaeshi


Erika performing Yamatsunami Tsubamegaeshi

It is an alternate technique of Yamatsunami for cases when the strike misses the intended target. As it happened in the fight against Lu Ganghu, the inertia was not restored upon a swing downwards, but rather, concurrent with the swing upwards. The weight of the blow is the same as the main technique, but it's speed is far less. [2]


  • Yamatsunami (山津波), literally mountain tsunami, is the Japanese name for debris flows.


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