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Yaguruma Saburou

Yaguruma Saburou

Character Name
Full Name Yaguruma Saburou
Kanji 矢車 侍郎
Furigana やぐるま・さぶろう
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation Yaguruma Family
  • Yaguruma Shirou (Father)
  • Older Brother
  • Older Sister
Occupation Student
School First High School
Year/Course Year 1 Course ? - 2097
Ability Name
Novel Volume 21, Chapter 1

Yaguruma Saburou (矢車 侍郎) is the second son of the Yaguruma Family, and a first-year student at First High School in 2097. [1]

Appearance and Personality

He has long hair that is tied up at the back of his neck. [2]


The birthday's of Saburou and Mitsuya Shiina are two days apart from one another, with Saburou's being first. The two are hardcore in their relationship as childhood friends from birth. [1]


Originally Saburou was meant to be Shiina's escort, however, due in part to his poor magical talent, he isn't. Although, he self-nominated himself to escort and protect her. [2] He's learning from Chiba Erika in order to be able to protect Shiina. [3]

Part of his Magic Calculation Area is occupied by Movement Systematic-type Magic, and other magic can't freely be used. Even though he's from a line of Ancient Magicians, he is barely able to use Modern Magic and only certain Ancient Magic. On the other hand, he has strengthened his physical body allowing for him to be capable in physical skills; though he lacks skills in fighting. [3]


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