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Wood and Stone
Outer-Systematic Mental Interference
Ancient Magic Taoists Magic
Multiple Targets
Known Users
Taoist Master of the Great Asian Union
Related Spells
Yellow Turban Doll Warriors

The magic the occultists specialized in were also recorded in the dossier. Wood and stone, a Chinese magic that manipulates puppets made out of metal. A mental interference type of magic that temporarily gave a puppet will by working through an isolated information body. Special mention was made of a technique that took over control of isolated information bodies under the control of other magicians; it was written that it was a proficient technique for making an isolated information body go berserk once out of the control of the magician. All of the techniques that special mention was made of were examples of the same type of magic that Tatsuya had discovered within the parasite doll---the other one of Pixie’s kind at the former Lab 9.

Volume 13, Chapter 4


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