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William Sirius

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Character Name
Full Name William Sirius
Furigana ウィリアム・シリウス
Personal Info
Age Deceased
Gender Male
Occupation Major (Stars Former Head-Captain)
Ability Name Molecular Divider
Novel Volume 7, Chapter 10 (Mentioned)

William Sirius (ウィリアム・シリウス) is the former Head-Captain of the USNA's Magician Unit "Stars". [1]


William Sirius is the individual who developed Molecular Divider. [1]

The most elite of the USNA Military's Magician Unit "Stars", the Head-Captain is code-named "Sirius" is the magician who possesses the strongest magical power. [2] It's known as a rumor that those bestowed with the title of "Sirius" are front-line fighters. [3]

William Sirius died in battle during "The Arctic Hidden War" with the New Soviet Union in 2090. [4] His death was caused by Igor Andreivitch Bezobrazzoff and his Strategic-Class Magic Tuman Bomba.[5]


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