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William McCloud

William McCloud

Character Name
Full Name William McCloud
Kanji ウィリアム・マクロード
Personal Info
Age 60
Gender Male
Ability Name Ozone Circle
Novel Volume 20, Chapter 1 (First Appearance)

William McCloud (ウィリアム・マクロード) is a Strategic-Class Magician from the United Kingdom and is one of the Thirteen Apostles. [1]

Appearance and Personality

William is an elderly gentleman who has silver hair, with a slick clean cut. He's also tall, yet thin. His bearing is very polite. [1]


William is 60 years old as of March 2097. He led the research to strengthen naturally born magicians and to construct adjusted body magicians in a research facility at the Darwin Royal Air Force Base in the past. [1]

Besides being a professor at a university in the UK, he has several honorary professor titles from foreign universities abroad. [2]


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