WK SA Spoiler Alert: This page contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Developed to replace screen type devices, virtual terminals creates illusions within the user's mind, allowing them to directly absorb the information. However, the effects are realistic enough that some mistake it for reality. Especially for immature magicians who have yet to know their own boundaries, the virtual terminal can provide illusions of feats beyond their capabilities. With the virtual terminal, "magic" can be performed effortlessly and without a chance of failure. However, immature magicians will go beyond their actual capabilities and once they return to the real world, they are unable to pull off the feats they did with the virtual terminal. Without the concepts of hard work and failure, people become unable to reflect on their inability to perform magic and lose the ability to think critically and the drive to do so. However, it allows for planning out processes and for testing (of things like CADs).

First High School bans the use of virtual terminals due to the various problems with its usage.


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