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Virginia Balance

Colonel Balance

Character Name
Full Name Virginia Balance
Furigana ヴァージニア・バランス
Personal Info
Age 41
Gender Female
Affiliation USNA
Occupation Colonel (USNA Military Joint Chiefs of Staff)
Novel Volume 10, Chapter 9

Virginia Balance (ヴァージニア・バランス) is a military officer who holds the rank of Colonel in the USNA.

Appearance and Personality

Virginia Balance

Virginia's appearance as of AD 2097

Her appearance is that of a valiant, older sister. [1]


Virginia turned 40 years old in January of AD 2096. [1]

She is the USNA Joint Chiefs of Staff Intelligence Division, Internal Affairs, First Deputy Director. After the end of World War Three, the Canadian military was assimilated and reorganized, she became the number two in-charge of the department established to monitor both those in uniform and black ops. [1]

She tied a "Devil's pact" with the Yotsuba during the events of Visitor Arc. [2]


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