The system for subpages is being remade, I've edited a bunch of them already. The change involves putting tags around the parts that will be transferred like the tabs and infobox and then calling that part from the subpages. This means that all changes done to it from the main page will be automatically transferred to the subpages.

How its done: the tags <onlyinclude> and </onlyinclude> are placed around the things that need to be transferred, example on the Tatsuya page and a bunch of others. Then, on the subpages, that section is called using {{:Shiba Tatsuya}} , with the colon in front of the page name mandatory. Then voila, the tabs and infobox appears. Examples are also on the Tatsuya subpages. If someone wants to help out to change the existing ones...

TL;DR: Subpages are being redone. If you know what's being done (look above), please help do it.

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