I know I haven't been here for a while, so I'm posting something here.

Some ideas... Fixing the character infoboxes so that sections start collapsed and only when they are clicked do the details show. Or some other idea along those lines. This is because the Tatsuya infobox is kinda long...

Making a Magic Encyclopedia with every magic listed in Mahouka, including unregistered magics and magics not in the novel Magic Encyclopedia, probably in another section. That would probably be cool and it would be a nice place for people to just contribute random information other than the character pages. Maybe create a template with spell name, systems it belongs to or if its like an ancient magic/superpower, level of the spell, a description and some other things.

Just so people know, Template:Names has a list of names of almost every character that has appeared in the novel. It hasn't been updated in a while and I have no idea where Spiels got the list. But it does have the english name, kanji and furigana of almost all characters. There are some where the english name hasn't been set at the time of writing, so you might have to dig around for some. Anyways, its great if you want to make a new character infobox. Remember to check out the documentation when you make one or want to edit, it's a lot of help.

Well I might get to these when I get a break from RL. If someone wants to implement them go right ahead. Ideas about anything are always welcome, as well as contributors and editors. Feedback about the site is also appreciated. If you actually read this entire thing, have a cookie, I appreciate it.

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