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    So I was thinking of making a navbar for the anime pages, but I also thought that expanding the existing navbar to include the mangas and anime would also work. I was thinking of something like the Index nav on Baka-tsuki where there are multiple collapsible navbars stuck in the first one. Like when the navbar is opened, there are options to open up the anime section, manga section or novel section. The other option is that I make a new navbar for each media form.

    Another problem is that I'm having trouble coming up with ways to deal with the volumes past visitor arc. So far they have been single novels instead of arcs and it looks like that form is going to be continued later. That means that if I gave each one a single row, it will quickl…

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  • Rockmosis


    May 3, 2014 by Rockmosis

    The system for subpages is being remade, I've edited a bunch of them already. The change involves putting tags around the parts that will be transferred like the tabs and infobox and then calling that part from the subpages. This means that all changes done to it from the main page will be automatically transferred to the subpages.

    How its done: the tags , with the colon in front of the page name mandatory. Then voila, the tabs and infobox appears. Examples are also on the Tatsuya subpages. If someone wants to help out to change the existing ones...

    TL;DR: Subpages are being redone. If you know what's being done (look above), please help do it.

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  • Rockmosis

    Second Post?

    January 28, 2014 by Rockmosis

    I know I haven't been here for a while, so I'm posting something here.

    Some ideas... Fixing the character infoboxes so that sections start collapsed and only when they are clicked do the details show. Or some other idea along those lines. This is because the Tatsuya infobox is kinda long...

    Making a Magic Encyclopedia with every magic listed in Mahouka, including unregistered magics and magics not in the novel Magic Encyclopedia, probably in another section. That would probably be cool and it would be a nice place for people to just contribute random information other than the character pages. Maybe create a template with spell name, systems it belongs to or if its like an ancient magic/superpower, level of the spell, a description and some …

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  • Rockmosis

    Website UI

    December 2, 2013 by Rockmosis

    Hello, this blog is for suggestions to improve the user interface of the website.

    Recently, I added a novel navigation on to all the volume pages. What do you all think and any suggestions? Same with me adding the community corner to the homepage.

    Also, it seems that some people want to turn some pages into subpages or combine them with others. Please comment on which ones and why.

    If anyone has any suggestions for the character infobox template, or any other template in general, please say something.

    Anyways, suggestions are always welcome.

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