Hey there! 

I tried my best in trying to get snapshots of the nine high school's symbols in the 1080p quality videos, but I have to admit it was difficult and they still look blurry. I've changed almost all of the magic high school's symbols except for First High School and Third High School because they appear the most often and other people can get better images. However, for the rest of them, I would say that it has been improved slightly, but it is still lacking. If anyone else has better images and snapshots of the magic high school's symbols, I hope that you will contribute, so they look a lot more clear and better. 

Anyways, I would like to point out specifically that Eighth High School must be quite appalling for the nine schools competition charts to not show their symbol much. I was struggling in trying to find a better picture, so I could only take it from the first Nine Schools Competition Scoreboard Scene, when they were introducing all the schools. It lacks brightness, sharpness, clarity and basically the middle part of the symbol was technically Dark Green, but it isn't showing up much. Furthermore, the border of the hexagon in the Eighth High School Symbol was Dark Purple/Violet and the irregular shaped rectangles with triangles on both ends are yellow as you can see. 

So that's all I can do for now! I hope the people who have better images upload them and replace them, otherwise you'll probably have to stick to the ones that I have uploaded now! 


And Peace out! (Y)

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