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  • Psogen

    My Editing Progress

    September 30, 2014 by Psogen

    I have finished completely editing Tatsuya Shiba's Wiki page to the correct Grammar and Punctuation. Furthermore, I have done some rewording edits in an attempt to make the article more fluid, in terms of readibility. 

    Additionally, I have done correct Grammar and Punctuation edits to both the Yotsuba Page and Four Leaves Technology page. 

    I hope you may enjoy reading it in proper Grammar and Punctuation. Additionally, each sentence is effectively in one sense of time, whether it be Past, Present or Future. 

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  • Psogen

    Hey there! 

    I tried my best in trying to get snapshots of the nine high school's symbols in the 1080p quality videos, but I have to admit it was difficult and they still look blurry. I've changed almost all of the magic high school's symbols except for First High School and Third High School because they appear the most often and other people can get better images. However, for the rest of them, I would say that it has been improved slightly, but it is still lacking. If anyone else has better images and snapshots of the magic high school's symbols, I hope that you will contribute, so they look a lot more clear and better. 

    Anyways, I would like to point out specifically that Eighth High School must be quite appalling for the nine schools com…

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  • Psogen

    Yotsuba Clan

    September 28, 2014 by Psogen

    I would've liked the anime to go into the Yotsuba clan in more detail and show the reminiscing of the past. In the final episode of the anime, I wanted more action. It was kind of anti-climatic when he just used Material Burst with the Third Eye and was all gone. TWICE! =_=" Oh well, it was still quite a good ending. Better than some of the ones which just completely kill the anime off. 8/10 for the last episode, in my opinion. 

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