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  • IamThorn

    Psion Transfer

    March 23, 2015 by IamThorn

    This is what it says about it on the Yotsuba page

    "A Yotsuba secret technique to transform information into psion signals and transfer that information through the nervous system and into another person's subconscious Magic Calculation Area."

    Does anyone think this means that a Member of the Yotsuba could use he MCA of another person, if they cannot, at least could Tatsuya use Miyuki's MCA to cast powerful magic that he could not do with his weak artificial MCA? If so, they would probably have to make skin contact to do it. 

    Any other thoughts on Psion Transfer? 

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  • IamThorn

    So, by no means do I mean he can acutally fly, I mean, can Tatsuya flash cast "Leap" repeatedly and not need to touch the ground for along time? I do not know if the same rules apply to the 10 layers apply to flash cast, he can probably use decomp to erase the old magic if it does apply. 

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  • IamThorn

    So the forth and fith chapters of Volume 14 are up on baka-tsuki but at this time, they seem incomplete, also, volumes 1-13 have been taken down, so sorry to anyone who had not read those yet.It looks like they were asked to take them down, we sould see if we can get them in Google Doc form, so we can reference them on pages.

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  • IamThorn

    Those Stupid Ideas

    March 1, 2015 by IamThorn

    Everyone remembers how they have these stupid ideas that they think could be added in, these ideas sound cool on the surface, but when you really think about them in-depth you realise how stupid they really are, and that it would just break the story, or it still is cool, but it would never work with the direction the author is taking it... This is what this page is for, all of your stupid ideas for Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei that you had at one point or another, and one dumb idea per comment, let's keep this organized. 

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  • IamThorn

    So, I am new to the Wikia, and I do not know if this was asked before.

    So, we all know how off the rails Tatsuya went when she nearly died on Okinawa, and that was with him saving her, How bad would it be if she was murdered and she fully died before he could use Regrowth, would the world be at risk of being destroyed in his anger?

    That being said, do you think Tatsuya would make someone promise to destroy him should he loose Miyuki, due to him not wanting her to be hated for having him as a brother who fucked the world right up in the wake of her death.

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