It happened sometime after my blog post about the wiki scoring system. I don't know how the idea came to me, but I started to think about the following. There are these less than fair rules of rewarding contributions. Let's see how far I can get with them. I'll try and do as many edits as I can, and see how far I can climb up on the leaderboard. That's how it turned into a kind of test, or even into a quest.

It was obvious, that the way I contributed that far will not give ample rewards, therefore I had to come up with some sort of "projects". "Fortunately", I could find minor issues that occured at numerous places in the wiki. Even the "issue" that I mistakenly "identified" turned out to be sort of a double reward, because after a kind editor explained that it was wrong I could undo all my "corrections", so actually I was scoring on doing nothing (which is another point of the achievement system that may be critcized). Watching closely the recent wiki activity also gave many tips where I can make some additional changes, and also gave me the opportunity to clear some spelling mistakes, typos and add forgotten categories. After some consideration, I found out that I'm also capable of creating suffciently good animated illustrations for various spells. That contributed to my score nicely. Adding a few small articles and finding some editing misses meant that I could add some points to my tally by categorizing things.

After all these efforts I stumbled upon an interesting thing, which strengthend the wish to run my quest. The badges to earn list revealed that no user managed to contribute for 200 consecutive days before. Wow! I could earn a badge that none else has! So I doubled my efforts, and continued to force myself to contribute. No matter how small it is, I'll do it. My precious unique badge depends on it after all. :-) After getting the 200 days badge I still didn't stop. Why, you may ask? If I'm not too wrong, adding this blog post will reveal my last badge that I'll be able to get. Everything else (1500 article edits, adding 250 pictures or 100 categories) is way out of my reach.

Did it worth the effort? Who knows? But it was a sort of interesting journey getting there. And look how high I managed to climb on the leaderboard.

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