Actually, this is not a complaint to anybody. It is not even based on hard researched facts. But I feel, that the scoring system is not really fair in its current form. Even if I talk against myself.

For example let's take a look at my case. At the time I'm writing this blog post, I'm ranked twelfth with over 600 points.

But if we take a closer look, we find that the majority of these points are coming from continuous presence. 460 points just for being here, and if you browse through my contributions, it is easy to see that most of my time was spent in the forum. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that forum discussions cannot lead to anything useful for the Wiki. But considering my posts, I'm not confident in that those were useful in any way to the community. Especially that flame war. And worst is that I could earn presence trough editing my introduction page or commenting on others' message walls.

The next large batch of points are awarded for editing articles. Again, if we review my contribution, it is obvious that mostly I made light changes and small corections. These are useful things, but uncomparable in usefulness with creating whole articles and organizing them into a properly cross-referenced system.

How to repair the unfairnes? I don't know, and I'm fairly sure that changing it retroactively is impractical, and it would cause a mess and dissatisfactions. However, some root causes may be identified. First is the low number of achievement levels - only three. This does not allow real differentiation between the gains the individuals committed to the Wiki. Second is the indiscriminated awarding of achievement points regardless of the extent of the contribution. Not differentiating between correcting grammar, adding small supplements or writing whole articles is surely unfair. Third is the cumulativeness of achievements, and the less than fair unevenness of the contribution types' gradients. E.g.: presence is awarded in three steps with maximum points, but contributing to the wiki reaches only the middle award even in the fifth step.

After quite a while I revisited this blog post. I managed to find another hard to understand thing, unless I'm completely mistaken. Why is it not counted an edit when somebody modifies category pages? A lot of those pages, at least in this wiki, contain heaps of information, yet adding to and modifying it is not rewarded by the wiki engine.

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