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WK SA Spoiler Alert: This page contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The University of National Defense (防衛大学校) is the University dedicated towards military career. A lot of future military magicians are entering it.


It is turned towards military.


  • Chiba Naotsugu - Admittance Year AD 2094. The second son of the Chiba Family is studying in the University of National Defense. He is already rated as a reserve Second Lieutenant.
  • Watanabe Mari - Admittance Year AD 2096. She decided to attend without telling her friends.
  • Kobayakawa Keiko - Admittance Year AD 2096. Despite losing her ability to use magic, she entered the University of National Defense after hearing Tatsuya's advice. He had heard from Fujibayashi that there were too few magicians working in the tactical staff, making mundanes with only a theoretical understanding of magic make decisions. If a superb magician who had lost the ability to use magic joined the tactical staff, it would be easier to make tactical decisions. This way, Kobayakawa found a way to use her sensitivity to magic and progress along with her fellow students.


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