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West-East Europe

The United Kingdom (イギリス Igirisu) is one of the countries in the Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei universe.


The United Kingdom is a European nation. It's apart of the West EU from when the European Union failed, breaking up into East and West along the Franco-German border. With both sides not forming into a unified nation, their respective unions are considerably weaker than they were before World War III. [1]


After World War III the British Commonwealth is said to have disappeared both in name and reality, however, a new British Commonwealth exists that conducts covert operations. [2]

It's an open secret that the United Kingdom has political influence over Hong Kong, even though it's apart of the Great Asian Union. [3]


Whitehall is where the government agencies and government offices are in the United Kingdom. [4]

  • Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS) Headquarters [4]
  • Branches of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) [4]


Tying to historical reasons, Australia has minimal military technology and relies on the United Kingdom due to it being a technologically developed country like the USNA. [2]

Ozone Circle is a magic that was developed through collaborative research in the European Union before the division of East and West. The primary purpose was to counteract ozone holes. The Activation Sequence was completed in the United Kingdom, and was released to old European Union countries as per the agreement. [1]


Known Individuals


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