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The USNA (北アメリカ大陸合衆国 Kita Amerika Tairiku Gasshūkoku, lit. United States of North American Continent) is one of the new nations in the Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei universe created following World War III.


In 2054, the aggregation of the territories of United States of America, Canada, Mexico, and Cuba along with the Latin American countries spanning down to Panama formed to become the nation of USNA. [1][2]


The Commanding Officer of STARS is one of the, if not the only Magician who is allowed to meet with the President of the USNA face to face. [3]

The USNA has an embassy in Tokyo, Japan. [4][5]


The most elite military division of Magicians within the USNA is called STARS, which the strongest magical combat force in the world. [6][7]


  • The USNA and the Indo-Persia Union have an alliance, but it is only a superficial relationship as there is no longer any strong alliance between the two like there was before the World War. If one of the great military powers tried to expand their territory, the other three would not remain silent, but there wouldn't be any threat of interference to their internal affairs. [11]
  • The USNA intelligence network is the North American Intelligence Agency (NAIA). [12]
  • The USNA is the wealthiest nation in the modern age. [14]


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