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Tsuzura Kazuo

AN19 010

Character Name
Full Name Tsuzura Kazuo
Kanji 廿楽 計夫
Furigana つづら・かずお
Personal Info
Age 36
Gender Male
Height 172 cm
Weight 65 kg
Affiliation Hundred Families (Tsuzura)
  • Teacher
  • Magic Researcher
Ability Name Polyhedra Handle
Voiced By Seirou Ogino (Anime)
Novel Volume 6, Chapter 1
Anime Episode 19, Yokohama Disturbance I

Tsuzura Kazuo (廿楽 計夫) is from the Tsuzura (廿楽) Family, one of the Hundred Families, bearing the number Twenty (Tsu) in his name.

The Tsuzura and Isori Families both produced many exceptional researchers who freely exchanged research findings and remained national authorities in the field. Even Hattori's favored Compound Magic bore fruit after tutelage under Tsuzura-sensei.


He is a researching prodigy who obtained the rank of professor in the Magic University at a young age. He was sent to First High to "earn some experience as an educator" because he is too independent in his research.

Still, he didn't mind in the slightest and was even overjoyed that he could now "pursue research, unfettered, and without further concerns." Precisely because of his personality, not only did he adopt a cold attitude to the friction between Course 1 and Course 2 students, he even wished for the students to completely abandon this differentiation altogether — except that he may have neglected the students' own opinions.

His expertise lies in magic geometry and he was especially famous for a theory known as Polyhedron Magic. It was a theory that viewed macro phenomena as simply a combination of triangular pyramids and quadratic prisms and used the motions of these multiple polyhedrons to grasp the changes in phenomena. Using magic that manipulated multiple imaginary polyhedrons to alter the Eidos is one of the paths in modern magic theory. However, Polyhedron Magic theory's utility as a stepping stone to solving deficiencies in modern magic like partial phenomena changes had been overshadowed by its potential to predict the future.


He was the teacher responsible for supervising the students in the 1st year Thesis Competition. He was tasked with reading the reports made by the 3 representatives and then send them on to the Magic Association. He also saved some students from the collapse of a tunnel in the Yokohama Disturbance Arc.

In Vol. 12, beginning of the second year, he was the supervisor for the Stellar Furnace experiment. He had a confrontational attitude towards the reporters and the Congressman.


Polyhedra Handle (ポリヒドラ・ハンドル)

Tsuzura-sensei is highly skilled in using this magic. There are two instances in the novel where he is mentioned to use it. First, he achieved an "irritating premonition" regarding the events of the 2095 Thesis Competition. Second, he saved the life of many students evacuating to a shelter when he held up the collapsing escape tunnel. [1]


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