Tsutsumi Kotona

Tsutsumi Kotona Cleaned

Character Name
Full Name Tsutsumi Kotona
Kanji 堤 琴鳴
Furigana つつみ・ことな
Personal Info
Age 24
Gender Female
Height 165 cm
School Fifth High School
National Magic University
Ability Name Silent Veil
Novel Volume 16, Chapter 5

Shibata Katsushige

Kotona also attended Fifth High School with him and faked her age in order to match his. Katsushige sees her as more than a Guardian and asks Yotsuba Maya, the current head of the Yotsuba Family, for permission to marry her. Their engagement was announced at the family's Annual New Year's Celebration/Meeting.

Shiba Tatsuya

Kotona opened her eyes wide in shock and was speechless when hearing Katsushige talk about how Tatsuya killed a 30 year old battle magician when he was just 6 years old. In a duel between Guardians, she was defeated by Tatsuya.

Tsutsumi Kanata

She tells Kanata to stop provoking Yuuka and to know his place as a Guardian by not delivering shame to Katsushige. In a fight with her and Kanata against Tatsuya, ultimately ended with her defeat and her brother trying to protect her by firing of Phonon Maser when Tatsuya grabs her neck.


Tatsuya defeats Kotona and grabs her neck.