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Tsutsumi Kotona

Tsutsumi Kotona Cleaned

Character Name
Full Name Tsutsumi Kotona
Kanji 堤 琴鳴
Furigana つつみ・ことな
Personal Info
Age 24
Gender Female
Height 165 cm
School Fifth High School
National Magic University
Ability Name Silent Veil
Novel Volume 16, Chapter 5

Tsutsumi Kotona (堤 琴鳴) is a member of the second generation of the Bard Series constructed by a laboratory linked to the Yotsuba Clan. She serves as Guardian of Shibata Katsushige. She is also Katsushige's fiancée.

Appearance and Personality

Tsutsumi Kotona is a 24 years old girlish-looking lady. She's 165 cm tall and weighs 58 kg. She likes to wear a brown medium sauvage. [1]


Kotona attended Fifth High School with Shibata Katsushige and she faked her age in order to match Katsushige's age. They both attended Magic University with Tsutsumi Kanata. Her occupation is being Katsushige's Guardian. She’s the second generation of a modified body, ‘Bard Series’ who have a high aptitude in sound-related magic. [2]


Kotona is a battle assistance type. She is good at search operations, detecting interference, bewitching, and damage mitigation type magics rather than combat magic. Her special magic includes ‘Passive Sonar’, ‘Silent Veil’ and ‘Sound Bomb’. Although ‘Sound Bomb’ is classified as a combat magic, it also serves the purpose of being an auxiliary magic to straddle the enemy rather than to defeat them. She isn’t as good as her brother in direct attack magic such as ‘Sound Cannon’ and ‘Phonon Maser’. [2]


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