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Tsutsumi Kanata

Tsutsumi Kanata Cleaned

Character Name
Full Name Tsutsumi Kanata
Kanji 堤 奏太
Furigana つつみ・かなた
Personal Info
Age 20
Gender Male
Height 170 cm
Family Tsutsumi Kotona (Older Sister)
  • Student
  • Part-time Bar Musician in Live House
  • Guardian
School Fifth High School
Magic University
Year/Course Year 2 - AD 2096
Ability Name Phonon Maser
Novel Volume 16, Chapter 5

Tsutsumi Kanata (堤 奏太) is a member of the second generation of the Bard Series constructed by a laboratory linked to the Yotsuba Clan. He serves as Guardian of Shibata Katsushige.

Appearances and PersonalityEdit

Tsutsumi Kanata, a 20 year old, is 170 cm tall, and weighs 62 kg, a boxer type guy. He has maroon colored hair with a wolf cut. The real brother of Kotona, he also has a high aptitude in magic related to sound. [1]


Shibata Katsushige and Tsutsumi Kotona both attended Magic University together, while he is a second year student at Magic University. He is a professed Guardian of Katsushige and also has a part-time job as a semi-professional musician in Live House. [2][1]


As a Magician with a high aptitude for sound, he is able to use Phonon Maser like Kitayama Shizuku.


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