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Tsukuba Yuuka


Tsukuba Yuuka

Character Name
Full Name Tsukuba Yuuka
Kanji 津久葉 夕歌
Furigana つくば・ゆうか
Personal Info
Age 22
Gender Female
Height 160 cm
  • Shiba Kuuya (Great-Great-Grandfather, Deceased)
  • Shinonome Maaya (Great-Great-Grandmother, Deceased)
  • Yotsuba Yuuma (Great-Grandfather, Deceased)
  • Yuuki Fuyuhiko (Grandfather, Deceased)
  • Tsukuba Ayaka (Grandmother)
  • Tsukuba Touka (Mother)
  • Andou Seiji (Father)
School First High School
National Magic University
  • First High (Graduate)
    Year 3 Class ? Course 1 - 2093
  • National Magic University
    Year 4 - 2096
  • National Magic University Graduate School - 2097
Ability Name Mandrake
Novel Volume 16, Chapter 2

Tsukuba Yuuka (津久葉 夕歌) is one of the candidates to be the next Head of the Yotsuba Family.

Appearance and Personality

She qualifies as a very cute or pretty young lady. She has habits and etiquette that make some Yotsuba servants annoyed with her.

Since Yuuka is a powerful Mental Interference magic user, she gets sent out on missions by the main house every now and then. She is also targeted for her genes, which have a high affinity for Mental Interference magic.

Yuuka lives away from her family on the condition that she wouldn't try to become the next clan head.

She weighs 48 kg.


Two years before the main story, Yuuka's family was pushing for her to become the next head of the Yotsuba, but they stopped doing so. They know Yuuka is unable to beat Shiba Miyuki in magical ability. Since then, they're all supporting Shiba Miyuki to become Maya's successor.

During her time as Vice-President, the President of the Student Council at the time proposed the theoretical development of a magic that could replace weapons of mass destruction, but she was censored by the instructors. [1]

In 2096 she was in her senior year while attending the Magic University. [2] She is currently a graduate student in the Magic University Graduate School as of 2097. [3]

She lives in Tokyo.


Yuuka is a rare magician who specializes in Outer-Systematic Type and unlike Shiba Miyuki, who specializes in a high class spells, she is more of a generalist.


Type of Mental Interference Magic. People exposed to this magic will become slaves of their intense fear and their minds will be seriously debilitated, regardless of their physical stamina.

She can force people to convey any information, including their own secrets with her magical abilities.

Though the process is unknown, for some level, she has the ability to cure the Overheated- Magic Calculation Area.


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