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The Tsukuba (津久葉, つくば, lit. tsuhisa leaf) family is a Branch Family of the Yotsuba Clan. The current Head of the Tsukuba Family is Tsukuba Touka.


Yuuki Fuyuhiko died during the war with Dahan in 2062. [1]

While Tsukuba Touka had been the head of the Tsukuba Family, she married Andou Seiji, he had married into the Tsukuba Family, hence became an irimuko". [2][3]

Tsukuba Yuuka, the eldest daughter of the Tsukuba Family stated that her family had decided to quit trying to make her the next head of the Yotsuba Family and decided to continue keeping her as a candidate in order to maintain some leeway while favoring Shiba Miyuki. [4]

Later on, she speaks honestly about the Tsukuba Family wanting to have a quick track record of supporting the next Family Head, due in part to the Tsukuba falling behind the Kuroba and Shibata in terms of blood ability. [5]

Main House

The Tsukuba Family uses a building annex that is connected to the Yotsuba Main House. [5]

The Tsukuba Family owns a villa at Mt. Amigasa, a peak of the Yatsugatake Mountains, yet the villa is simply a two hour drive to the village where the Yotsuba Main House is. [3]

Yuuka currently lives in an apartment in Tokyo while attending Magic University. [4]

Area of Influence

The Yotsuba Clan's influence encompasses specifically the Tōkai region and both the Gifu and Nagano prefectures. [6]


Grandparents Generation

  • Yuuki Fuyuhiko (結城 冬彦) - (Deceased)
  • Tsukuba Ayaka (津久葉 彩歌) - (Former House Head)

Parents Generation

  • Andou Seiji (安東 青司)
  • Tsukuba Touka (津久葉 冬歌) - (Current House Head)

Candidate Generation


  • As with all of the Yotsuba Branch Families, the family name is either derived from a variation of Yotsuba or the name of a flower having four leaves. [7]


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