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Tsukasa Hajime

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Character Name
Full Name Hajime Tsukasa
Kanji 司 一
Furigana つかさ・はじめ
Personal Info
Age 30
Gender Male
Affiliation Blanche
Family Kamono Kinoe (Former Step-Brother)
Occupation Japanese Branch Commander (Blanche)
Ability Name Evil-Eye
Voiced By Isshin Chiba (Anime)
Novel Volume 2, Chapter 11
Manga Volume 4
Anime Episode 7, Enrollment Chapter VII

Tsukasa Hajime (司 一) was the commander of Blanche's Japanese Branch.


Tsukasa is quite a smug and arrogant person but shocked about Kirihara's anger.


Tsukasa Hajime possess some low level magic, although it's unknown how he became Blanche's Branch leader.

He prefers not to dirty his hands himself as he prefers ordering others around.

While members describe the organization as a citizen's movement, in reality it is an infamous terrorist group involved in various illegal activities. As such, the present incarnation of Blanche has been been deemed a significant threat by the Japanese Department of Public Safety.

Tsukasa was the one responsible for brainwashing Mibu Sayaka, Tsukasa Kinoe and tried to hypnotize Tatsuya using Evil Eye magic; when it failed, he fled and eventually got subdued by Kirihara Takeaki who chopped off his arm.


Magical Abilities

Hajime possesses some low level magic.


Evil-Eye is Tsukasa Hajime's Ultimate Magic. It is a brainwashing technique, or hypnotism, that could be replicated with a light projector, but this ability voids the need for lugging a machine around and can control an opponent's consciousness. It can be used to rewrite memories or simply send people to deep sleep.


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