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Toudou Aoba

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Character Name
Full Name Toudou Aoba
Kanji 東道 青波
Furigana とうどう・あおば
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation Yotsuba
  • Buddhist Priest
  • Yotsuba Sponsor
Novel Volume 17, Chapter 1 (First Appearance)
Volume 19, Chapter 11 (Named)

Toudou Aoba (東道 青波) is a Buddhist Priest, whom happens to be the previous owner of the Fourth Institutes and a Sponsor for the Yotsuba and political figures. Kokonoe Yakumo calls Toudou, "Priest Aoba Excellency". [1]

Appearance and Personality

Toudou has big round eyes with thick gray eyebrows. He doesn't have any type of beautiful Bikomu features. His cloudy left eye gives others who look at him a strange feeling of pressure. [1]


He backs those in power. [1]

Shiba Tatsuya and Shiba Miyuki saw Toudou at Kyuuchou Temple when they went to visit Yakumo to give Yakumo a New Year's Greeting. He happened to be Yakumo's previous and unannounced guest who seemed to be an old man talking to Yakumo. [2]


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