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Tooyama Tsukasa

Tooyama Tsukasa

Character Name
Full Name Tooyama Tsukasa
Kanji 十山 つかさ
Furigana とおやま つかさ
Aliases Tooyama Tsukasa (遠山 つかさ)
Personal Info
Age 24
Gender Female
Occupation Sergeant (National Defense Forces)
Novel Volume 21, Chapter 3

Tooyama Tsukasa (十山 つかさ) is a daughter of the Tooyama Family, which is one of the 18 Assistant Houses. [1]


Tsukasa is 24 years old and belongs to the National Defense Forces Intelligence Department. She holds the rank of Sergeant. There is a secret agreement that talented members of the Tooyama Family be apart of the Intelligence Department. She hides her identity to engage in missions for the department under the alias, Tooyama Tsukasa (遠山 つかさ). [1]


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