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Tomitsuka Hagane

AN23 001

Tomitsuka Hagane

Character Name
Full Name Tomitsuka Hagane
Kanji 十三束 鋼
Furigana とみつか・はがね
Personal Info
Epithet Range Zero
Gender Male
Height 165 cm
  • Tomitsuka Hitsui (Mother)
  • Father
Occupation Student
School First High School
Year/Course First High
Year 1 Class B Course 1 - 2095
Year 2 Class E Magic Engineering Course - 2096
Year 3 Class E Magic Engineering Course - 2097
Ability Name
Voiced By Daiki Yamashita (Anime)
Novel Volume 5, Amelia in Wonderland
Anime Episode 23, Yokohama Disturbance V
Tomi Ability

Tomitsuka Hagane (十三束 鋼) is a member of the Tomitsuka Family, which is one of the Hundred Families. In his family name, there is the number Thirteen (十三). He is a student of First High School, and a Year 2 Course 1 student who is in the Magic Engineering Course, and was one of the lead representatives among of his cohorts during the Nine Schools Competition.

Appearance and Personality

He has a slightly childish appearance, but when he is serious, his face will lose the said trait.

Hagane has kindhearted personality when he is interacting with others. He shows compassion and kindness easily and has nice manners. He hates people who are too prideful, and who like to look down on others.

Hagane has a bit of an inferiority complex with his magic abilities, which comes from the fact that he has difficulties in using long-range magic. He also holds respect and admiration for strong individuals, and also is very hard-working himself in improving his own abilities.


He is one of Sawaki Midori's subordinates, he also served as one of the guards during the Thesis Competition in AD 2095.

During Scorched Halloween, Hagane saved Hirakawa Chiaki in a dire situation when the ceiling in the tunnel the students used to go to the shelter collapsed.

He won a mock battle against Shippou Takuma, but then lost to Tatsuya in a mock battle to show Shippou how strong Tatsuya is to stop Takuma's contempt and disrespecting of Tatsuya.

The Tomitsuka family focuses on combat rather than emergency aid. 


Hagane is very adept at Martial Arts combined with magic.

Despite being ranked fifth of the second year students overall, he is unable to use long-ranged magic to great effect, the reason why he has trouble with using long-range magic is because his body heavily attracts Psions into itself, which makes it hard to send them outwards, thus earning him the name "Range Zero."

His consciousness of giving up trying to use long-range magic is born due to this 'inferiority'. However, after his match with Tatsuya in Volume 12 of the series, his hope is boosted up by a phenomena that occurs when Tatsuya launches an attack which reveals his Psion wall, which usually contracts because it is heavily attracted towards his 'core', expand after Tatsuya's attack due to the changing in the Psions density.

After his consciousness of believing that he 'totally' cannot use long-range magic is shaken off by Tatsuya, he is shown later in the next volume during the Nine Schools Competition/Second Year, able to apply a long-range effect by new magics.


This was a title granted to him signifying his manifestation of matchless strength at zero distance, making him incredibly adept in hand-to-hand combat. Simultaneously, it is an insult that shows his inability to use long-distance magic. 

Contact-type Gram Demolition

Hagane is able to use a formless cloud of Psions as an "armor" to counter magic, but only on his skin's surface since his Psion field is able to only contract, so spells that used magic to alter phenomena that comes in contact with his body will be stripped away of their power. Since this armor has no "design", Tatsuya's Gram/Mist Dispersion was unable to affect it until after he forced him to turn his Psions into an ordered structure.

Acceleration Magic “Explosion”

Explosion is a magic that uses an acceleration vector that expands outward from the point of activation in a semi-spherical manner, increasing the speed of physical movement.


This magic is applied to Hagane's leg. If someone is struck by this magic, the damage is equal to being bathed in microwave electromagnetism.

Self Marionette

Hagane's body is covered by a single Move-Type Magic Sequence, used to manually move his physical body. This Magic Sequence attempts to suppress the flesh’s magical resistance as much as possible while prudently taking heed not to surpass the extents of the joints’ movement; this could create attacks that should have been impossible according to human anatomy and physics.

The Psions that surrounded the body are neat and orderly, recreating an untouchable Eidos that only suffered Self Marionette to pass.

Self Marionette’s Side-effect: Once a powerful blow is directly suffered, this impression would rewrite the variables for the Magic Sequence. Using a Magic Sequence that did not have a complete command interface caused the theoretical miscalculation.


A strong wind produced by Hagane unleashing shock wave to blow up the compressed air masses. This is a composite of Movement-type magic (Rest); which refers to the act of restraining against its backlash, and a derivative of acceleration magic (Explosion). As shown during the Shield Down match, it was not the application of radial acceleration to solid masses, but an alteration where the gases directly in contact with the shield's face were given acceleration vectors that were perpendicular to the shield's face.

This magic type mostly required continuous state maintenance of the compressed air until it rushed towards or touched an opponent. For Tomitsuka, unable to control magic beyond the range of his limbs, this is solved by the awareness that as long as one was on solid ground, air was everywhere. It existed 'where it is within one's reach'. By only accelerating the air close at hand, long-range control was unnecessary. This is what applied by Hagane and finally, he is able to produce long-range effect by magic.

This ability is first time mentioned during The Nine School Competition/Second Year during his match against Third High in new event, Shield Down competition. Until The Nine School Competition's training had started, Tomitsuka was unable to learn the air-based attack magic that was popular among Modern Magic users. Thanks to Tatsuya's basic theoretical framework of Blast, and Hirakawa Chiaki's efforts in arranging activation sequence for Blast, a Zero-Ranged Hagane could use this magic, Blast.