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Thunder Spawn
B Class
Ancient Magic Dispersion-type
Single Target
Multiple Targets
Known Users
Yoshida Mikihiko
Related Spells
Thunder Cloud (Ancient Magic)
Thunder Child

Thunder Spawn recreates a small scale thunderbolt in a small space. It releases electricity towards the target. As a Dispersion-type magic, it extracts electrons from within an object and then channels the electricity produced.

The instant the magic is activated, the target is already predetermined. Electricity rushes at 100 million meters per second.

Yoshida Mikihiko used this magic the to apprehend the intruders with Tatsuya's help at Fuji Base at night during the Nine Schools Competition. [1] He again used it against his fight with the masked vampire (while Erika was fighting Angie Sirius). [2]

Initially, the spell Mikihiko used contained a lot of unnecessary portions. It was because this magic needed to be defended from interference by individual counter spells while casting. But after the advent of CADs and rise in casting speed in modern magic, the individual counter spells became obsolete as the magic being activated now remains unknown.

Thunder Spawn is very similar to the Modern Magic "Thunder Child" and is an inferior version of the magic, "Thunder Clouds" that actually manipulates clouds. However, the discharge and voltage is equally powerful.

Comparing Thunder Child & Thunder Spawn

The Dispersion-Type Magic, Thunder Child when compared to Ancient Magic, Thunder Spawn is more powerful as it is able to channel higher amounts of electricity but has less control. [2]


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