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Thunder Needle

AN17 017

Release Type Ancient Magic
Multiple Targets
Known Users
Fujibayashi Kyouko
Related Spells

Thunder Needle (被雷針) is a Magic that involves firing electrified needles towards a target. This results in the target's entire body being peppered with numerous, hair-like needles, through which an electric current flows through. This Magic technique can be used to pin down enemies and immobilize targets into submission by making them quiver and shake uncontrollably from the electricity, removing all resistance from targets. Thunder Needle has limited range because the needles are attached to wires to transmit the electric current. Hence, it can be said that greater the distance, the lower the effectiveness of the magic. [1]

It was first used in the series by Fujibayashi Kyouko at the Mirage Bat arena to suppress a Generator that was trying to go on a bloody rampage.


  1. Volume 4, Chapter 11

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