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Thunder Child


B Class
Single Target
Multiple Targets
Known Users
Yoshida Mikihiko
Related Spells
Thunder Cloud (Ancient Magic)
Thunder Spawn

Thunder Child (雷童子 Raidouji) recreates a small scale thunderbolt in a small space. It releases electricity towards the target. This magic has been described as a variant of Thunder Spawn. As a Dispersion-type magic, it extracts electrons from within an object and then channels the electricity produced.

Yoshida Mikihiko used this magic as a process (part) of a 5-step spell against Kichijouji Shinkurou during the Finals of Monolith Code Newcomers' Division. [1]

Thunder Child is very similar to the Ancient Magic "Thunder Spawn" which is an inferior version of the magic, "Thunder Clouds" that actually manipulates clouds. However, the discharge and voltage is equally powerful.

Comparing Thunder Child & Thunder Spawn
The Dispersion-Type Magic, Thunder Child when compared to Ancient Magic, Thunder Spawn is more powerful as it is able to channel higher amounts of electricity but has less control. [2]


  1. Volume 4, Chapter 10
  2. Volume 9, Chapter 6

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