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Thirteen Apostles (十三 使徒)

Thirteen Apostles

As Modern Magic is created from highly advanced science and technology, few Countries were able to develop strong military-grade magics. As a result, only a handful of Countries were able to develop Strategic-Class Magic that would rival weapons of mass destruction.

However with the continuing practice of providing developed magic to Ally Nations, it also became normal to acknowledge Allied Magicians as Strategic-Class Magicians for their high capabilities with Strategic-Class Magic.

Out of the 50 Magicians speculated to possess Strategic-Class Magic, only 13 of these Strategic Class Magicians have had their identity revealed for the sake of national prestige. This group of invaluable, powerful individuals is known throughout the world as the 'Thirteen Apostles'.


Since they are the trump cards of the nation they serve, their presence and military service in their respective countries greatly affects the international military balance. Because of this fact, the Thirteen Apostles are heavily monitored by both their own country and other major powers in the world in order to keep them in check. As a result, these Strategic-Class Magicians lack privacy in their lives. The only one who has managed to keep a modicum of secrecy is the USNA's Angie Sirius, whose real identity is not known. 

As of 2095, countries have only demonstrated their Strategic Magics without applying them for actual combat use and are only theorized in how they can be used for actual military engagements. After the deployment of Strategic-Class Magic 'Material Burst' by the Japanese military during Scorched Halloween, the New Soviet Union's military leadership started reconsidering the effectiveness of large scale magic. [1]


As of April, 2095 A.D., there are Thirteen Magicians publicly announced nationally for their skill in Strategic-Class Magic. They are called the Thirteen Apostles, and are seen as a big factor in the world's military balance. Their affiliations, names, and magic’s are detailed below:

Since the event of Scorched Halloween, the number of internationally acknowledged Strategic-Class Magicians in the world has been reduced to twelve with the death of the "Heavenly General", Liú Yúndé.

  • Igor Andreivitch Bezobrazzoff (イーゴリ・アンドレイビッチ・ベゾブラゾフ) - Nicknamed the "Igniter", Igor is a Strategic Class Magician of the New Soviet Union, who possesses the Strategic Magic 'Tuman Bomba/Mist Bomb'. While this magic is one step outclassed by the USNA's Angie Sirius' 'Heavy Metal Burst' in power, it is said to possess the greatest destructive radius out of the Thirteen Apostles.
  • Liú Yúndé (劉 雲徳) - Nicknamed the "Heavenly General", Liú was a Strategic-Class Magician of the Great Asian Union, who possessed the Strategic Magic 'Thunderclap Tower'. Liù was Killed-in-Action on October 31st, 2095 at the Zhènhai Naval Port along with the entire invasion fleet off the Southern Korean Peninsula during the event, Scorched Halloween by Japan's destructive Strategic-Class Magic of Special Lieutenant Ooguro Ryuuya.
  • Itsuwa Mio (五輪 澪) - The only Strategic-Class Magician publicly disclosed by the Japanese government and one of the only two Japan's Strategic Class Magicians. Her Strategic-Class magic is 'Abyss', which can theoretically wipe out entire naval fleets with a single use.
  • Angie Sirius (アンジー・シリウス) - An American Strategic-Class Magician who is at the pinnacle of the USNA's military. Her Strategic magic is 'Heavy Metal Burst'. Only Angie Sirius is affiliated with USNA's Stars.
  • Miguel Diaz (ミゲル・ディアス) - A Brazilian Strategic-Class Magician who is the only Magician in the entire world capable of a large scale nuclear fusion reaction with his cold fusion based Strategic Magic, 'Synchronize Linear Fusion' *(Developed and provided by the USNA).
  • Elliot Mirror (エリオット・ミラー) - A Strategic-Class Magician from the USNA who is able to use the Strategic Magic, 'Leviathan'. He is currently stationed in Alaska.
  • Roland Bart (ローラン・バルト) - The other Strategic-Class Magician from USNA who can use the Strategic Magic, 'Leviathan'. He is currently stationed in Gibraltar.
  • William McCloud (ウィリアム・マクロード) - A Strategic-Class Magician from the United Kingdom, West EU who can use the Strategic Magic, 'Ozone Circle'.
  • Carla Schmidt (カーラ・シュミット) - The other Strategic-Class Magician from the EU who can use the Strategic Magic, 'Ozone Circle'. *(Ozone Circle was a joint development of the old EU as an Ozone Hole countermeasure. Prototyped and completed in the UK, its Activation Sequence was opened to the former EU Nations as per agreement).
  • Leonid Kondrachenko (レオニード・コンドラチェンコ) - A Strategic Class Magician from the New Soviet Union who uses the Strategic magic, 'Zemlya ármiya: Army of Terra'. He remains immobile at a Black Sea base due to advanced age.
  • Bharat Chandra Khan (バラット・チャンドラ・カーン) - A Strategic Class Magician from the Indo-Persian Federation who uses the Strategic Magic, 'Agni - Downburst'.
  • Somchai Bunnag (ソム・チャイ・ブンナーク) - A Strategic Class Magician from Thailand who can use the Strategic Magic, 'Agni - Downburst' *(Provided by Indo-Persian Federation).
  • Ali Shaheen (アリ・シャーヒーン) - A Strategic Class Magician from Turkey who can use the Strategic Magic, 'Bahamut', jointly developed by Japan and the USNA *(Bahamut's Activation Sequence was provided to Turkey by Japan).


  1. Volume 8, Chapter 15

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