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Synchronized Linear Fusion
Area of Effect
Known Users
Miguel Diaz
Related Spells

Synchronized Linear Fusion (シンクロライナー・フュージョン), also known as Synchronized Linear Nuclear Fusion is a Strategic-Class Magic used by Miguel Diaz, which is the only successful example of a large scale thermonuclear explosion. No one else has been able to recreate Diaz's ability due to its level of difficulty and amount of calculations required to use it. [1]

When casted, a high density hydrogen plasma cloud is accelerated in a distance of several kilometers to several tens of kilometers and collides in the air over the point of attack causing a fusion reaction. The magic's aim is to destroy the target area with shock-waves. In order to reach Strategic-Class power, it's necessary to collide a myriad of protons constituting a plasma cloud almost simultaneously in a head-on collision. The effect is the same as a hydrogen bomb, and the destructive power is inversely proportional to the cube of the distance from the hypo-center.


  1. Volume 12, Chapter 13

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