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Sylvia Mercury First

Sylvia Mercury First

Character Name
Full Name Sylvia Mercury First
Furigana シルヴィア・マーキュリー・ファースト
Personal Info
Age 26
Gender Female
Occupation Warrant Officer (Stars)
Novel Volume 9, Chapter 2

Angelina Kudou Shields

Sylvia warms up towards Lina easily as to follow order of disclosing Lina's identity during their missions and simply because of her personality.

Sylvia is the closest with Lina during the missions in Japan. She also live in a high class condo with Lina as a roommate while acting as her support personnel. Lina easily interact with her as she displays an older-sister-like character towards her.

Lina is sad when Sylvia is to return to their nation in order to examine and ensure her body free from the Paranormal Parasite's infection.

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