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Sylvia Mercury First

Sylvia Mercury First

Character Name
Full Name Sylvia Mercury First
Furigana シルヴィア・マーキュリー・ファースト
Personal Info
Age 25
Gender Female
Affiliation USNA (Stars)
Occupation Warrant Officer (Stars)
Novel Volume 9, Chapter 2

Sylvia Mercury First (シルヴィア・マーキュリー・ファースト) is a highly regarded female CO who attained the title of "First" at an early age. She is introduced as the roommate and support personnel of Angelina Kudou Shields during her missions in Japan.

Besides from her first name Silvia, the rest were all code names, meaning that she ranked first among the Stars planet-class "Mercury".

Given the requirements of the infiltration mission, it was vital for Angelina to hide identity and avoid terms like "High Commander" or "Major", hence why Sylvia is ordered to use her pet name Lina. As Silvia originally possessed an unrestrained personality, she quickly forget about the differences in military rank and warms up to Lina.

Appearance and Personality

Sylvia is a young woman of age twenty five. In the light novel, her appearance seems to be a young woman with short hair and fashionable like other women.

She has unrestrained personalities and hinted as a stubborn woman, one of the reason why she quickly forget the military ranks and become close to Lina. She displays a character like an older sister towards Lina.


In the beginning, Silvia didn't want to join the military and intended to become a journalist after graduating from college. Anyway, her outstanding ability in data analysis prompted her selection as Major Sirius's support personnel.


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