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Sun Meilin


Character Name
Full Name Sun Meilin
Other Name Meilin Richardson
Kanji 孫 美鈴
Furigana スン・メイリン
Personal Info
Gender Female
Novel Volume 5, The Honour Student's Supplementary Lesson

Sun Meilin (孫 美鈴) is the adopted daughter of Richard Sun, the head of the international crime organization No Head Dragon. She is the daughter of the leader's most beloved mistress and the new leader chosen by the survivors. Unlike other leaders of the organization, she cannot use magic. 


She appeared in a city where she met Morisaki Shun, who saved her from danger without knowing who she was. She introduced herself as "Lin Richardson" instead of her true name, Sun Meilin. Lin and Morisaki became friends, improving her view on Magicians. 

She is currently residing in California. [1]

Meilin became the new leader of No Head Dragon after having rebuilt the organization from what remained, in the time span of over a year and a half after it collapsed. She forbids any and all hostility towards Japan and anyone who ignores this directive along with anyone caught drug trafficking or human trafficking is mercilessly purged. [2]


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