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Suffocating Turbulence
Movement Type Convergence Type
Area of Effect
Known Users
Saegusa Kasumi
Saegusa Izumi
Related Spells
Heated Turbulence

Suffocating Turbulence (窒息乱流) is also known as Nitrogen Storm (ナイトロゲン・ストーム) is a Movement Type and Convergence Type magic.

In terms of difficulty, Nitrogen Storm is far more difficult than Dry Meteor. Though it is a hassle to gather a large amount of dry ice particles laced with carbon dioxide in the air beforehand. Nitrogen Storm requires constant maintenance of the molecular composition in the air as well as careful control of the air currents, rendering this an extremely difficult magic. It targets air molecules while gathering and moving them. It creates a furious tornado that attacks the target from all directions. Even with a sealed barrier protecting against all directions, the wind affects the target. This is a magic that raises the level of nitrogen in the air as well as magic that moves blocks of air around. It is a combination of Convergence-Type and Move-Type Magic. A single breath of this air that is heavily deficient in oxygen was immediately render someone unconscious due to the lack of oxygen. If a barrier is lowered to prevent the target from being blown away, then they would be suffocated. [1]

On the level of neutralizing an opponent by using magic to induce a lack of oxygen, this spell probably belonged to the same category as Mayumi's anti personnel trump card Dry Meteor. Kasumi and Izumi probably devised this trump card due to Mayumi's influence.

Despite the two of them being able to use such a high level magic, it isn't normally seen, for Kasumi and Izumi's control of the air currents for this spell are far too coarse. 


  1. Volume 12, Chapter 14

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