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Stars (スターズ) is a USNA military organization that has the reputation of being the most powerful force of Magicians in the world. [1] Stars is under the direct command of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. [2]


Their work involves carrying out Search and Destroy missions to eliminate any targets deemed a threat to the USNA and helping gather intelligence related to magic ranging from infiltration to special ops. [3]

The only magician in the USNA that can meet the President for tea is the Head-Captain of Stars. [4] When invited to have tea with the President, they go through a thorough body check for the Presidents safety, wherein there isn't anything that could be more humiliating for a women in the position. [5]

The most elite of the USNA Military's Magician Unit "Stars", the Head-Captain is code named "Sirius" is the magician who possess the strongest magical power. [6] It's known as a rumor that those bestowed with the title of "Sirius" are front-line fighters. [4] Thus they are selected to be the Head-Captain of Stars, where the position which cares neither for age nor gender is bestowed to the USNA's strongest based on power alone. In a situation where the magician isn't in the military; even if plotting and subterfuge was required they would be conscripted in as the Head-Captain of Stars and "Sirius". [7]

Angie Sirius is the only Strategic-Class Magician affiliated with Stars. [8]


The Stars Headquarters is situated in the USNA city of Roswell, New Mexico. [9]


Stars is a unit comprised of only the magicians with the highest combat rating in the entire USNA Military. Though it is implied that there are magicians in the USNA Military that aren't apart of Stars. [10]

The Planetary-Class are suitable for support in the rear and sabotage work, but compared to Stars-Class and Satellite-Class, they are unsuitable in combat. First-Class Stars can defend against the high-powered rifles, but Second-Class Stars themselves would have difficulty. [11]

The difference in capabilities between the Satellite-Class and Stardust isn't significant. The disparity is that those in Stardust are unable to sustain the augments and can break down at any moment. After augmentation, they display prowess on par with members of Stars. [10]


The members of Stars are categorized into First-Class Stars, Second-Class Stars, Constellation-Class, Planetary-Class, and Satellite-Class. [10]

Those among them, the First-Class Stars, Second-Class Stars, as well as the Constellation-Class are treated as front line combat troops, whereas the Planetary-Class and Satellite-Class are typically filled the role as auxiliaries or undercover agents. Although the roles are divvied up on paper as such, even someone like Angie Sirius can be given an undercover mission despite their status as a First-Class Stars. [10]

Structure and Formation

MKNR Visitors Manga-STARS

Stars consists of twelve units, each led by a Captain under the Head-Captain. Major Benjamin Canopus, who is the No. 2 of Stars, the Captain of the First Unit of Stars serves as the de facto Head-Captain when they're absent. [3]

Positions within Stars don't necessarily correlate with military ranks, which is an odd arrangement for a military unit. It's unheard of for a Captain to outrank the Head-Captain, but it's quite common to see the Head-Captain and the Captains of each Unit share the same rank. Currently, besides the six who hold the rank of Captain, the other six share the same rank of Major with the Head-Captain. [3]


First-Class Star (一等星級)

  • Major Angie Sirius (アンジー・シリウス) - (Head-Captain)
  • Major William Sirius (ウィリアム・シリウス) - (Former Head-Captain, Deceased)
  • Major Benjamin Canopus (ベンジャミン・カノープス) - (First Unit Captain)
  • First-Lieutenant Alfred Fomalhaut (アルフレッド・フォーマルハウト) - (Deceased)

Second-Class Star (二等星級)

  • Second-Lieutenant Angelina Mizar (アンゼリーナ・ミザール) [12]
  • Second-Lieutenant Yuma Polaris (ユーマ・ポラリス) [12]
  • Ralph Hardy Mirfak (ラルフ・八ーディ・ミルファク) [13]
  • Ralph Algol (ラルフ・アルゴール) [13]

Constellation-Class (星座級)

Planetary-Class (惑星級)

  • First-Lieutenant Gary Jupiter (ゲイリー・ジュピター)

Satellite-Class (衛星級)


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