WK SA Spoiler Alert: This page contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Stardust (スターダスト) are remnants of Stars that couldn't become apart of Stars themselves. In spite of this, they are combat magicians that still possesses considerable combat prowess. They'd given up on being well rounded, and instead honed their specific talents to the level of those in Stars. [1]

Stardust are modified magicians attached to the USNA who are made into weapons. Wherein they are a suicide squad constructed of magicians who are certain to have no more than a few years left to live, who had been strengthened and altered. [2]

Tracking Unit (捜索班)

  • Clara (クレア) - "Hunter Q"
  • Rachel (レイチェル) - "Hunter R"


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  2. Volume 9, Chapter 5

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