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Speed Ripper
Speed Type
Single Target
Known Users
Chiyoda Kanon
Related Spells

Speed Ripper

She yanked both hands from the mud and placed her right hand on the left wrist.

The mud erupted.

A mud spring many times more furious than the falling splatter erupted with Kanon’s figure as the epicenter.

Detecting the signs of magic beforehand, Miyuki quickly erected a reverse kinetic magic barrier. Thanks to her timely crafted transparent barrier, eleven female students were spared being drenched in mud.

This explosion came from the personal Acceleration-Type Magic “Speed Ripper”. Needless to say, the caster was the one at the epicenter, Kanon.

Standing in the middle of the crucible shape in the ground (of what was a muddy pond) was a perfectly immaculate Kanon with her head bowed. Forget the mud, not even a speck of dust was visible. She had likely set her body and clothes as the launching point for “Speed Ripper” and sent all of the mud and dust flying. Even the rope tied around her ankle was nowhere to be seen.

The tiniest of mishaps while using this sort of magic like this would result in accidentally tearing all the hair off of one’s body and suffering unimaginable pain. Another possibility may be shredding every ounce of clothing, leaving an equally horrific outcome. However, Kanon seemed to have wielded this magic with an excellent grasp of skill.

Volume 13, Chapter 7


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