Southern Sea Riot Chapter
Release Date September 10, 2016
ISBN ISBN-13 978-4048923187
On Cover Nakajou Azusa, Mibu Sayaka, Isori Kei, Chiyoda Kanon and Hattori Hanzou
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Southern Sea Riot Chapter is the 20th volume in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel series.


In AD 2097. Azusa, Isori, Kanon, Hattori, Kirihara and Sayaka, all First High Magic High School graduates had been planning a graduation trip to Okinawa. At the same time, Shizuku and Honoka invited Miyuki and Tatsuya to an anniversary party of a man-made island which is also held there. In addition, Miyuki and Tatsuya were given a mission to accompany them to stop a terrorist attack by specialized magician defected from GAA.

Just to be on the safe side, Tatsuya met up with the 101 IMEB but an unexpected magician who had once opposed him appeared instead. While Tatsuya handling the terrorist attack in a calm and calculated manner. The two couples of Mibu, Kirihara, Kanon and Isori are enjoying the graduation trip but Azusa and Hattori? Furthermore, Honoka's crush on Tatsuya explodes!?. Magic High School graduation trip and spring break holiday turned into a troublesome uncertain trip.

Chapter 1

Australia, Darwin Air Force Base.

This place was once an international airport, but after the World War Australia established an isolation policy, leading to the international airport was closed.

Instead, a new magical research facility was built with cooperation from the UK.

In general, even if an isolation policy is established, it doesn’t mean that they completely stopped interacting with foreign countries. Even if they are blocking diplomacy as a state, they can disguise themselves in the form of private trade - or between private citizens to maintain limited connection with foreign countries.

By the end of World War 3, Australia is an isolated fortress, keeping few diplomatic interactions with other nations. While the Australian government claims this is to prevent terrorism, leaving the country is well-nigh impossible for civilians. All diplomatic exchanges are conducted in secret to maintain a facade of strict diplomatic neutrality.

Australia terraforming transforms their desert regions, making the nation highly self-sustaining.

They maintain a secret alliance with the British mostly for the sake of obtaining cutting-edge magic technology. The UK is ranked the same as the USNA in terms of magic advancement.

At Australia's Darwin Base, a prototype hyper-sonic jet (Mach 6) lands with a VIP passenger. This VIP is not a politician or military officer, but a civilian researcher known as William McCloud, the 13th Apostle of the United Kingdom. (On a side note, the GAU [Great Asian Union] does not acknowledge the demise of their own apostle Liu Yunde).

William (60 years old, with silver hair) gives the impression his status rivals or even surpasses the UK prime minister. He is driven in a Rolls-Royce to an Australian military research facility for developing magicians. He helped develop magicians here once upon a time. The people who greet William are a 30 year old man, and a girl who appears 12-13 years old. They discuss if Japan is allowed to expand their forces, this would tip the balance of world powers and negatively impact the British alliance.

The British alliance appeared to dissolve after WW3, but its former members maintain a secret network of contact.

The young girl is actually 29 years old and a very experienced magician, she carries the “William family” genes as a modified magician.

Their plan is to sabotage the Japanese artificial island (right next to Okinawa) built to extract resources from the sea bed.

◇ ◇ ◇

2097-3-10 Sunday

After sending Masaki off, Tatsuya and Miyuki meet with Maya, the head of the Yotsuba family, at the Kanto branch of the Magic Association.

Tatsuya calls Maya "Oka-sama" here at the Magic Association. Maya apologizes ahead of time because she knows that the mission with the Hakone terrorist was just settled. Tatsuya has mixed feelings about this, because while the matter has been settled it cannot be said that it has been finished. The police continue to search for the terrorist. It was also settled in a manner that was undesirable, so Tatsuya had apologized to Maya.

Maya says she has another mission for Tatsuya. Tatsuya points out they could have visited her back at Yotsuba village. Maya replies she has other business to handle as well, so he need not worry about her making a trip to come out.

The Yotsuba village, once a secret military base, is built to protect their research results by severing external communications in case of an emergency. In such an emergency the village can sustain itself in all aspects. However, the Yotsuba family still have their own enterprise, trade and sponsors to maintain outside of their village. So the head of the family occasionally leaves the village in person.

Maya tells Tatsuya and Miyuki to go to Okinawa and attend a ceremony in memory of those who died in the Okinawa invasion by the GAU in August 2092, this is only their cover though. Although Miyuki has some painful memories associated with this incident she says that they aren't family to any of the victims. Maya goes on to say that while that is true, this is official business for the 10MCs and that they are directly related to this matter.

Maya gives Tatsuya a letter containing the objective of the real mission. Maya has Tatsuya read and then decompose the letter on the spot, but she permits Tatsuya to tell Miyuki the real mission. Maya says that she hopes that Tatsuya and Miyuki will work together to solve this matter and that she is leaving responsibility of it Tatsuya. Maya did not say it directly but it was implied that failure this time would not be acceptable.

◇ ◇ ◇

2097-3-11 Monday

Shizuku asks Miyuki if she wants to go to Okinawa. Miyuki is surprised by the coincidence, and reminds herself that Shizuku can't possibly know about her mission. Shizuku mentions how her father sponsored the construction of the artificial island. She wants to invite Miyuki and Tatsuya to the ceremony celebrating the finish of the construction of the artificial island.

Miyuki declines as the dates clash with her mission. She explains to Shizuku and Honoka only about their cover mission to attend the Okinawa memorial service. Hearing that Tatsuya would be going with Miyuki to Okinawa, Honoka expectations for the trip greatly increased. Shizuku asks if they can meet up if they have any free time. Miyuki says that they won't always be working and that she will contact them when they have some free time. Shizuku could tell Honoka was very excited.

◇ ◇ ◇


After the First High graduation ceremony.

Miyuki calls Tatsuya “Onii-sama” but then switches to “Tatsuya-sama”. Recently she has been trying to not call him Onii-sama in public, but trying to call him Tatsuya-sama is also difficult for her. At first she tried calling him Tatsuya-san but it brought her great discomfort to think of him as "equal to her". And everyone around her accepted this without any complaints.

Tatsuya works at the computer station in the student council room when Minami serves him a cup of coffee. Eating and drinking is forbidden at the computer station but no one calls Tatsuya out for it. Saegusa Izumi is annoyed with him but doesn't dare voice a complaint since Tatsuya services and maintains all the student council equipment.

Regardless of this matter—or Miyuki’s extraordinary leadership charisma—the democracy of First High is in a very dangerous spot.

Tatsuya is at the computer station because he has no place to work; the student council table is occupied by Nakajou, Isori, Kanon, Hattori, Kirihara and Mibu Sayaka who are planning their graduation trip to Okinawa.

The graduates are going there partially because the Isori family provided magic support in the construction and on-going defense of the artificial island. Isori engraving magic can exponentially increase the strength of the artificial island for short periods of time.

With all these coincidences occurring around Tatsuya (mainly all these events involving the artificial island), he considers warning his friends of the possible sabotage but decides to give priority to secrecy to keep them from getting involved.

◇ ◇ ◇


Tatsuya meets up with Kazama and the 101st. For his new mission, he is to assist the 101st in thwarting the sabotage efforts of GAA renegade division and Australians. For this mission, Tatsuya is providing assistance from the Yotsuba family to the 101st, so he is not serving as a Special Officer for this mission.

Kazama is very accommodating to Tatsuya, because he regrets not assisting the 10 Master Clans to stop the previous terrorist, Gu Jie.

Kazama will supply the tactical combat forces for Tatsuya's mission.

Chapter 2

After the Yokohama incident, the Greater Asian Alliance (GAA) immediately signed a peace treaty with Japan. A renegade faction of the GAA opposes this treaty, and so attempts an attack on the artificial island to restart a war.


A big fellow lands at the Okinawa airport. He tries to catch a taxi as he exits the airport, but there is not a single person around. Lu Gonghu attacks the big fellow. Lu Gonghu calls the big fellow _traitor_ and his name is revealed to be “Bradly Zhang”.

There is no one around because Lu Gonghu is using his Ghost Walker spell.

Although Bradly Zhang is bigger than Lu Gonghu, he's the one feeling nervous. Bradley can also use Steel Qigong.

In the midst of their fight, someone intrudes Lu's Ghost Walker field. Lu Gonghu is told to retreat on his com-link.

The intruder is revealed to be James Jackson, a 30 year old Australian magician. Kazama orders an investigation into James' activities.

As Lu Gonghu retreats, Chen Xiangshan sits across from Kazama. They are working together to capture Bradly Zhang, the 2nd leader of the GAA renegade division. Japan obviously does not want an attack on their own island; the GAA does not want their renegade faction to instigate a war between GAA and Japan. Yanagi watches the recording of the fight between Lu Gonghu and Bradly Zhang. Yanagi observes that Bradly is serious but Lu Gonghu is not. Even so, Yanagi believes this incident proves the renegade division is not working together with GAA to deceive Japan.


Miyuki, Tatsuya and Minami travel to Okinawa by plane. They all sit in first-class seats. Minami is rather uncomfortable.


Hayama has already made all the arrangements. Miyuki is very eye-catching in the ceremony.

They meet Joseph (from vol.8) in a restaurant called “Left Behind Bloodline”. He has not retired, but is only helping his retired friends.

Tatsuya and Miyuki meet Kazama and Chen Xiangshan. Miyuki is surprised.

They discuss the personnel on the sabotage team. James and young girl called Jasmine often work together by pretending to be father and daughter.

Kazama took care not to let the assistance team from GAA notice Tatsuya is a member of the 101st. Kazama ensures they only think of Tatsuya and Miyuki as assistance from Yotsuba.

Fujibayashi is not at the meeting because she feigns exhaustion.

On the graduates team side, Sawaki Midori asks if it is really okay that he came along. It's already the third day of their graduation trip. He observes if not for him, the pairings would be perfect (Isori & Kanon, Kirihara & Mibu, Hattori & Nakajou) and how he feels like a seventh wheel. Nakajou, mortified, insists she is not on such a relationship with Hattori. Hattori is not embarrassed and says he's thankful for Sawaki being here to neutralize the couples vibe in the team. The other two couples wear matching clothes.

Isori asks if Sawaki is being overly concerned because he saw the Shiba siblings/couple. Sawaki says he doesn't think too much of it--but Isori might be right. They say the Shiba siblings match very well. Mibu says Miyuki is so beautiful any handsome fellow would still look inferior in Miyuki’s presence; but Tatsuya gives off such a strong aura that completely matches Miyuki’s beauty. They say Tatsuya gives the vibe of a up-front warrior even when compared to any magician, or even the Yotsuba clan. (Translator: how could they know [and] compare him to any Yotsuba member when no one even knows who or where they are).

Kanon remarks how Sawaki gives the impression of a warrior, too. Sawaki is stunned.

Mibu notices Jasmine is about to be captured by several big fellows. Jasmine has chestnut-colored hair. Unaware Jasmine is Australian Spec-ops, the graduate team fights off the big fellows and carry Jasmine away. When questioned, Jasmine lies that she is waiting for her father. Mibu takes off her belt which forms a sword similar to Erica’s baton. Isori gave this belt to Mibu before because neither Isori nor Kanon had sword skills.

When James is reunited with Jasmine, he speaks in mangled Japanese to convince the graduate team he is a foreigner. The graduate team is suspicious, but say nothing.

Hattori asks Sawaki why they didn't hand Jasmine over to the police. Sawaki explains the big fellows spoke Chinese and their fighting style was very similar to military combat. Sawaki and Hattori wonder if this is similar to the Yokohama incident.

Jasmine berates James for using faulty Japanese and arousing suspicion. Jasmine says maybe she should switch partners. James replies their superiors won't permit that. Jasmine and James know the big fellow may be from GAA.

Minami is surprised when she contacts the taxi center for a cab and gets no response. Tatsuya deduces from this members of the Sabotage team were nearby. The team has probably already escaped, so there’s no point thinking about it.

Members of the capture team sent by Kazama are all paralyzed from Jasmine's Ozone Cycle attack. Fujibayashi also determines the people who hampered the GAA capture are the First High graduates. She informs Kazama that Jasmine and James are already caught on the surveillance cameras and they have nowhere to hide.

Chapter 3

The Australian SpecOps duo met up with Daniel Liu, the 1st leader of the GAA renegade division. They said the next Yotsuba head and her fiancé/fiancée (I don’t know which is the right one XP) were at the ceremony. They think it is reasonable for members of the 10 master clan to show up at the ceremony for those who fell in Okinawa.

Daniel Liu said they could potentially be an obstacle. Jasmine said they are only high school students. Daniel Liu said not to underestimate them since Juumonji Katsuto, a then high school student dealt great damage to them in Yokohama.

Even though Daniel warned the Australian SpecOps duo, even he had no idea how terrifying the Shiba sibling are, not that he could not comprehend, he simply had no experience.


The siblings were actively carrying out their anti-sabotage mission- that never happened.

They were simply killing time and enjoying breakfast. They lived in the highest class room and again Minami was uncomfortable and kept saying she wanted to move to a cheaper room herself. Tatsuya had his own room while Minami roomed with Miyuki. The sibling dismissed her request by saying “what kind of guardian would leave their subject of protection”

They were having breakfast in their own balcony and as compensation, Minami sent away the waiter and took on the waitress roll herself until Miyuki told her to sit down and eat.

Tatsuya asked how Miyuki was feeling and used Elemental sight to make doubly sure that Miyuki was not acting tough. He said they are going to go on a boat trip today and Joseph was pre-arranged to be their escort. They took a military boat for touring.

Evidently, the military higher-ups were in a frantic when they learned they were meant to provide Yotsuba VIP with escort since they could not ignore their existence; that was until Kazama said that an officer, namely Joseph, had previous encounter with the next Yotsuba head.

The boat was stable in felt comfortable. They arrived at another island and toured around.

Tatsuya and co went inside a store while Joseph stayed outside.

It was a jewelry store. Tatsuya had made previous arrangements.

Tatsuya: “I’m Shiba Tatsuya”

Store staff: “I’ve been anticipating your arrival, this way please”

Evidently Tatsuya had made previous arrangements. While shocked, Miyuki’s hopes grew. The staff brought back a jewelry box for necklaces.

Miyuki: “This is……”

What was inside, was a multi-colored pearl necklace which made even Miyuki exclaim in awe.

White, black and gold pearls arranged in pattern, it was a multi-layered necklace of standard length. Each and every pearl had perfect curvature and was completely flawless. The color was vivid and the sheen was incomparable. Even an amateur could tell it was a product of very high class.

Tatsuya: “Can we see if the length fits?”

Staff: “I understand”

The staff bowed and said to Miyuki: “Shall I help you?”

Miyuki: “That…, is that for … me?”

Even though there could be no other explanation, Miyuki still couldn’t help but ask Tatsuya.

Tatsuya: “Of course. Happy Birthday!”

Miyuki placed both hand over her mouth.

Tatsuya: “Someday, in the near future, I’ll prepare a ring…. Please put up with a necklace for now”

As always, Tatsuya gave a calm vibe. But other than his expression and words, for some reason, he looked a bit embarrassed.

Miyuki: “That can’t be called ‘putting up’. I’m very happy, thank you very much, Tatsuya-sama”

Probably because she was too touched, her eyes began to water. She had managed to say “Tatsuya-sama” with no hesitation instead of “Onii-sama”; this was something only Minami noticed.

As they arrived at the hotel they were staying at, Miyuki noticed that Tatsuya noticed something and Minami went on full-alert. They noticed tatsuya was staring at a window with blinds shut but they couldn’t pinpoint focus on what he was looking at. Tatsuya decided to ignore the SpecOps and said they probably won’t be able to sound anything out of the agent since he’s probably just hired.

Behind the blinds, James was heavily sweating. Within the ranks of SpecOps, he was at the very front of the front-lines. Needless to say, he had always been walking in front of the gates of death, yet he was afraid.

Piercing through his consciousness, Tatsuya had been staring at him like a grim reaper/Shinigami. The name untouchables was not for nothing.

James recollected all the incidents caused by the Yotsuba and Tatsuya. It sounded so exaggerated that he decided not to fully believe them. He thought a wielder of material burst couldn’t possibly be affiliated with a civilian organization; it had to be something developed by the military, otherwise the power balance inside the country would be tipped but such an enormous might.

Shiba sibling had a dinner saturated with sweet atmosphere. Minami decided to leave them alone. Miyuki wanted alcoholic cocktail but being reminded by mayumi’s drunk behaviour, Tatsuya adamantly refused. Even though elemental sight confirmed she took no alcohol, the atmosphere was already enough to make her seem a bit drunk.

Back in their room, Tatsuya, confirmed the psion marker he implanted in James this afternoon and read some of his data from the eidos. Tatsuya was only able to read his personal data, he had still not perfected his use of the psion marker to widen his elemental sight range.

After Miyuki showered, she switched off the light tucked Tatsuya in bed. Tatsuya didn’t even bother sending her out. However, she herself fell asleep and ran off by midnight.

Chapter 4


Next morning, they prepared for flight to another island. They met Shizuku and Honoka and the graduate team in the airport.

They all travelled together and went boating on a glass-bottom boat. To land on the shore, they used 2 rubber boats. Isori, Hatori, Tatsuya and Minami all had license but Tatsuya and Minami had more advanced ones.

Minami and Sawaki decide on their own to watch the rubber boat implying the couples are giving off too much couple atmosphere. Nakajou

took it that Sawaki was teasing her and Hatori again and started yelling again.

Back to Honoka, she took off her shirt which revealed her revealing bikini. That was odd since march was still too cold for swimming. Honoka was pretty much physically seducing Tatsuya.

The bikini business all started before the trip when Honoka consulted Eimi and Subaru on swimsuit choices for appealing to Tatsuya. Honoka was too embarrassed by their choice of bikini and Eimi and Subaru lectured her on her plan of attack. They said both Miyuki and Honoka are the type to be very devoted and offer their entirety and sometimes even go berserk. However, Miyuki is already way in the lead and Honoka must change her tactics to close the gap. They suggested Honoka to take a different route and make good use of her body figure to seduce Tatsuya.

Even when they went back on the boat, Honoka was still glued to Tatsuya. Mibu and Kanon angrily stared at Tatsuya even though they fully understood Tatsuya was not “stepping on 2 boats at the same time” (Go figure what that means, can’t be bother to explain).

Tatsuya was the first to notice something was wrong. Hatori was the first to notice Tatsuya noticed something is wrong while Kirihara and Sawaki followed shortly.

He told the captain to check for a submarine 500 metres ahead. The crew and the graduates were all alarmed and turned the boat around but it was already too late and they heard the submarine preparing to fire torpedoes. Tatsuya being calm as ever commented that if they can hear the torpedoe pre-launch sound then it must be an old version. Hatori got irritated and said that was not the time to make such a comment.

Tatsuya told the also-calm Minami to put up a shield to repel the torpedoes, she executes with perfection. Firstround was foam torpedoes, second round was manned.

Kirihara, Sawaki and Hatori all seem very eager to fight, however, even they fretted about the way Tatsuya wrapped things up was too ruthless.

Kirihara shuddered while saying Tatsuya is more and more scary.

Tatsuya had them believe they were pirates.

James was very upset with Daniel Lau’s subordinates for attacking the boat since that exposed that fact that their main forces resided in a submarine. Daniel Lau did not like the plan either he he’s still responsible for what his lackeys did. While they pondered on how they were found out in the first place since civilian sonars usually don’t aim that deep unless deliberately looking for something that deep.

However, they never knew Tatsuya tracked them down through the psion marker on James.

Chapter 5

Maya sent Butler Shirakawa to accompany Miyuki on another ceremony while Tatsuya and 101 and GAA capture team went on a mission to raid the submarine.

Tatsuya suggested simply blowing up the submarine while GAA team got curious as to how he found the submarind and how he would blow it up. Kazama decided that would be last resort and they should do the conventional raiding. GAA team was insistent on Japan handing the renegade division to them at the end of the operation and they agreed.

Right before the raiding, James left the submarine because to was too upset about the reckless attack on the boat. Tatsuya noticed but decided not to distract the raid team with excess information.

Both GAA and 101 held back without showing they cutting edge technology and technique, of course 101 did not wear their mobile suits. Kazuma specifically told Tatsuya to hold and put him on the backline support.

The GAA renegade division was demolished.

Kazuma’s specialty magic was very similar to Ono haruka’s Born-Special magic, his was less potent but was able to hide the presence of other people as well whereas Ono Haruka could not.

The remaining leader of the sabotage team left were only Bradly Zhang, James and Jasmine. Bradly Zhang want to go on with the sabotage while the Australian SpecOps duo said they need to ask the supervisors. Their message was tapped by Fujibayashi and they got the green light. 101 suspects that Australia was using the SpecOps duo as disposables since there was little chance of them succeeding.

Chapter 6

Yotsuba Trio met up with 2nd fiddle duo right before the man-made island opening ceremony and Shizuku invited Miyuki to a make-up session. Tatsuya sent Minami to go along with Miyuki while he made preperations for the final battle.

Miyuki caught Tatsuya napping on the Yotsuba boat butler Shirakawa brought along. Miyuki decided to kiss Tatsuya and made sure she does not slip again like the night before Yokohama incident. She was paper thin distance away from kissing Tatsuya before she ran away in embarrassment. Tatsuya never woke up.

Right before the opening ceremony, Tatsuya made contact with James and Jasmin who totally changed their appearance. Tatsuya pretended not to know them while they tried their best to remain calm. they couldn’t help but suspect Tatsuya already knows them even with the appearance modification and they felt a noose tightening around their neck. They never knew Tatsuya also placed a psion marker on Jasmin through that encounter as well.

During the opening ceremony, the Yotsuba trio greeted the Kitayama couple. Benio implied that she was pissed about Tatsuya

deceiving her on their previous encounter; Ushio sent them to talk to Shizuku instead.

Tatsuya warned Isori that he might be targeted since he can activate the shield on the island. Isori was nervous but Tatsuya placed a officer next to him as a bodyguard.

Fujibayashi met up with Tatsuya in the ceremony and she called Isori cute, saying a dress was more suitable for him.

Fujibayashi also commented how he’s not shaken at all given someone close to him died here 5 years ago by the hands of similar people. She said she’s not as strong as him and couldn’t stay as calm.

Tatsuya said there is only one actually real important existence to him.

Fujibayashi asked if everything is alright as long as Miyuki is unharmed.

Tatsuya said that is an inconsequential hypothesis since as long as he is alive, nothing will happen to her.

Tatsuya told his friend he needs to step out for Yotsuba mission. Just as Tatsuya, GAA capture team and 101 started their attack on the renegade division, Kirihara, Hatori and Sawaki jumped in and started fighting as well. After a flying kick, Sawaki landed on Tatsuya’s jetski. Sawaki commented on how Tatsuya is not surprised and Tatsuya said he recognised his flying kick. Sawaki was surprised since it was dark but Tatsyta said there’s plenty moonlight. Tatsuya was not pleased with the trio arriving and started complaining to Kazama but to no avail. Obviously, this was sort of an unofficial tryout for the trio since they have no affiliation to the numbered families and has potential to join 101 which in name opposes the 10 master clan. Needless to say, the trio was have the time of their life fighting even though they were struggling every now and then.

Deep down inside, Kirihara and Sawaki respected Hatori as their leader and his all-roundedness, nicknaming his “General” even though Hatori doesn’t like it. Even Tatsuya also agrees that Hatori is the best example student of modern magic education which emphasizes on all-roundedness.

Tatsuya was interested in Lu Gonghu’s magic of creating a runway on the sea surface rather than the conventional stepping point. However, he decided he would not let his curiosity cause a failure again.

Tatsuya considered the opponents who were giving the graduate trio an even fight a hard time to be a trash level; that’s considering he’s comparing them to people like the Yotsubas, Yakumo and 101

Back at the ceremony, Isori was concerning when Kanon was trying to go somewhere. Kanon said she was going to pick flowers and invited Isori along but the other girls’ reaction implied she was simply going to the toilet. Isori was only worried because of Tatsuya’s warning.

Miyuki was also supposed to help guard Isori but she can’t split up to look after Kanon as well; needless to say, Minami was not about to ditch Miyuki for Kanon.

Jasmin ambushed Kanon and demanded her get Isori to come as well. Kanon considered that to be a betrayal to Isori so she refused. Isori noticed drama anyway and come over. Kanon managed to escape after Nakajou used her mental interference magic and the Australian SpecOps duo bailed.

Kanon dried non-stop.

SpecOps duo ran away and tried to use Ozone cycle on the ceremony but it didn’t work. Miyuki, Minami and Chen Xiangshan showed up and told them they first used Ghose walker on them so they were never where they thought they were and even if ozone cycle activated, the coordinates would be wrong.

Miyuki also explained they were the victims of Yotsuba magic (actually Tatsuya) “Gatekeeper”. She said, magic sequence constructed in the subconsciousness is transmitted from the highest level of subconscousness to the lowest level and then projected on the object while going through the “Gate” located between the subconsciousness and consciousness. The “Gate” is exposed in the information dimension and “Gatekeeper” scrambles all magic sequence coming out of the gate. So long as “Gatekeeper” is not removed, a magician is rendered powerless, just like normal human beings.

As Miyuki freezes the SpecOps duo, Jasmin lamented how they were on Yotsuba’s palmtop all along.

Chapter 7

Tatsuya Came back to the ceremony slightly past halfway.

Mibu Sayaka was very upset with Kirihara and co coming back all wet.

Nakajou dried them up with magic.

Lu Gonghu celebrated their mission’s success with Chen Xiangshan. They are convinced they will face off Japan again. They think they have assessed the strength of 101 and thinks Yanagi is very strong. They also think letting the Yotsuba continue to grow will be troublesome.

Maya is very interested in “Gatekeeper”. Tatsuya says with modification, people other than him can use it. Maya says GAA magic is quite interesting and tells Tatsuya to hear a more detailed report on that in April.

Both Miyuki and Tatsuya say this was a very enjoyable trip. Miyuki says they should go on a missionless trip next time.

Miyuki still can’t decide whether “Onii-sama” or “Tatsuya-sama” is better. Tatsuya there is still time to decide. But he cannot what Miyuki was really thinking.


Graduate team is very happy with the trip. Sayaka is picking on Kirihara for getting so wet. She says: “Kirihara must be very happy. Just like a child, fooling around until he was completely soaked.”

Kirihara, Hattori and Sawaki are satisfied with gaining actual combat experience where they could use full strength.

They say they want to come back in summer. Hattori says chances for combat are everywhere.

Yotsuba trio and Shizuku-Honoka duo goes on another glass boat trip.

They discuss about the upcoming new school year. The new student rep is a girl, the youngest daughter of the Mitsuya family from the Ten Master Clans.

UK intelligence is not impressed with news that Jasmine and James have been caught by the Japanese. Although the cover for the incident was AUS helping GAA, in reality the mastermind was the UK. Something had to be done to hide the fact that UK was involved in the sabotage attempt. William did not really care and called professor Edward in the USNA. They mentioned about Jasmine being a “Trojan” and is currently being held by Kazama. They think the Yotsuba would be interested in Jasmine and would take her. That way William could use a network exclusive to those with “Williams bloodline” to spy on the Yotsuba and study their magic.

Maya visited “The Sponsor” Aoba. It is revealed that their relationship is not either party absolutely relying on the other. Aoba was the previous owner of 4th Research Institute until the National Defense Force robbed the facility from Aoba. Yotsuba rebelling and taking over at least indicates they are on good terms. While Yotsuba from time to time rely on Aoba’s privileges, Aoba sometimes rely on Yotsuba’s strength. Basically they rely on each other. Yotsuba is not the only family produced by the 4th Institute. Before it was called the 4th, they magician development and mating were already ongoing. Even now, Aoba sometimes provide Yotsuba with “blood”. The previous version of 4th institute basically existed long before all other numbered research institutes.

Aoba warned Maya that Yotsuba must never make contact with Jasmine. Maya questioned if Jasmine is a bomb, Aoba said she’s “ears”. Maya never doubted Aoba nor question how he knew.

Maya said she would tell Saeki to dispose of Jasmine while Aoba agreed that Saeki would more likely listen to Maya instead of himself.


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