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Sonic Blade


B Class
Oscillation Type
Single Target
Known Users
Kirihara Takeaki
Related Spells

Sonic Blade (高周波ブレード) is a close-combat Oscillation Type magic and is classified as a B-Rank lethal spell.

This spell can be applied to anything, giving the item the ability to cut easily. The item vibrates at extremely high frequencies, making it similar to a saw. The extremely high frequencies give rise to ultrasonic waves so practitioners of this technique often wear earplugs to block out ultrasound. [1]

It is a magic with limited applications, and apart from having an untouchable blade, it is similar to wielding a real sword.

Shield EdgeEdit

By hitting a shield with his ring; it then caused it to shake creating a counter vibration from when the ring had been struck, thus creating frequency-control vibratory waves that were then fed into the blade. [2]


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