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Angie Sirius

Angie Sirius Manga

Character Name
Full Name Angie Sirius
Other Name Angelina Kudou Shields
Furigana アンジー・シリウス
Personal Info
Ability Name
Novel Volume 9, Chapter 1

Sirius (シリウス) is the title provided to the strongest individual within the Stars (may also refer to the High Commander within Stars). It is probable that it is given only to one of the Strategic-class Magicians from the USNA who is also associated with Stars.


Angie Sirius (Angelina Shields), is one of the Strategic-Class Magicians in the USNA, and the only one currently affiliated with STARS. Despite being of high school age, she holds the title of Sirius, which is only given to the most powerful magician in the USNA, regardless of gender or age. She has blonde hair with blue eyes, but uses the magic 'Parade' to disguise her appearance as a slightly older girl with flaming red hair. She knows this spell because she is descended from Elder Kudou's younger brother who moved to America. 


With the title of "Sirius" bestowed upon her, Angie is given the honor and status of being the most powerful Magician in STARS; a unit comprised of magicians in the USNA army. Despite her being the most powerful Magician in STARS, she has little combat experience and was granted that rank solely based on raw power.

Her magic is generally anti-personnel, relying on her extremely fast activation speed and interference strength to win. She is also seen using plasma based magic, and with her specialized CAD 'Brionac' can use 'Heavy Metal Burst', a high energy plasma beam that is incredibly powerful.

Angie Sirius

Angie Sirius (アンジー・シリウス) is a Strategic-Class Magician from the USNA and one of the Thirteen Apostles. She is the High Commander of Stars.

William Sirius

William Sirius previously the title of 'Sirius'. His real identity is unknown. He is recognized for inventing/introducing/creating the magic 'Molecular Divider' which now has been adopted into the Stars and also the Stardust into use. This magic spell was used by the members of the Stars against Tatsuya. [1]


  • The USNA has 3 registered Strategic-class Magicians and only Sirius is associated with Stars. William Sirius previously held the title of Sirius before Angie Sirius. It is unknown if he was a Strategic-class Magician.


  1. Visitor Chapter (I)

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