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Angie Sirius

Angie Sirius

Angie Sirius Manga

Character Name
Full Name Angie Sirius
Other Name Angelina Kudou Shields
Furigana アンジー・シリウス
Personal Info
Ability Name
Novel Volume 9, Chapter 1

Angie Sirius (アンジー・シリウス) is a Strategic-Class Magician of the USNA and is one of the Thirteen Apostles. Out of all of the Thirteen Apostles, Sirius is the only one who's managed to keep a modicum of secrecy about their identity, to be precise only a nickname and code name are known, not even their real face. [1]


Angelina Kudou Shields uses Parade to disguise herself as "Sirius", making her appear to have crimson hair and golden eyes. [2]


The most elite of the USNA Military's Magician Unit "Stars", the Head-Captain is code named "Sirius" is the magician who possesses the strongest magical power. [3] It's known as a rumor that those bestowed with the title of "Sirius" are front-line fighters. [4]

Angie Sirius is the only Strategic-Class Magician affiliated with Stars. [2]


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