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Shippou Takumi

Shippou Takumi-MKNR-DS-12

Character Name
Full Name Shippou Takumi
Kanji 七宝 拓巳
Furigana しっぽう・たくみ
Personal Info
Epithet "Senesi"
Gender Male
Occupation Family Head
Novel Volume 12, Chapter 13

Shippou Takumi (七宝 拓巳) is the head of the Shippou family, which is one of the 18 Assistant Houses, and which has now been promoted to the Ten Master Clans. [1] He works as an investment adviser in the field of weather derivative instruments, and Takumi is considered to be an authority on weather predictions. 

Appearance and Personality

Out of all of the Family Heads, it is said that he is the most cautious, often causing him to be seen as a coward, even by his own son. Saegusa Mayumi sees him as a very practical and considerate person. Thus, there’s no way to tell what he is thinking on the inside. He is the type of person who is not greedy for profits and will choose the one with the lowest risk, so long as the original costs are covered, even after preparing many strategies. 


On the surface, the Shippou Family work as investment advisers, especially in the field of weather derivative instruments. Shippou Takumi is referred to as "Sensei", as he is publicly acknowledged within the nation to be the authority on annual weather predictions. 

As a particular type of risk management tool, weather derivative instruments are broadly used to predict atypical weather hazards. As a financial tool, the value of weather derivative instruments is determined by various weather values such as temperature, humidity, condensation, etc.

While industrialization of the food industry has decreased the efficacy of weather derivative instruments, the rise of solar energy as the principal provider of electricity in more developed countries has rendered the estimated time for sunshine a major indicator for earnings projections used by corporations.

Takumi is not opposed to the Saegusa Family, unlike his son who hates the Saegusa. Takuma hates the Saegusa because originally the Saegusa were from the Third Institute, where they then moved to the Seventh Institute. He states that they "stole" the ”Herd Control Magic” that was originally conceptualized and developed by the Shippou, Nanase, and maybe Tanabata families.


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