Shippou Takuma

Shippou Takuma

Character Name
Full Name Shippou Takuma
Kanji 七宝 琢磨
Furigana しっぽう・たくま
Personal Info
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 170 cm
Occupation Student
School First High School
Year/Course Year 1 Class A Course 1 - AD 2096
Ability Name
Novel Volume 12, Chapter 1 (Named)
Volume 12, Chapter 3 (First Appearance)

Shippou Takumi

Takuma sees his dad as a coward and believes that he is far too cautious.

Saegusa Kasumi

Takuma is antagonistic towards Kasumi since she is from the Saegusa.

Saegusa Izumi

Other than knowledge of Izumi's relationship to Kazumi, not much is known about his feelings toward Izumi. However, it is most likely an antagonistic view as she is another member of the Saegusa family.

Shiba Tatsuya

Takuma has a highly hostile attitude with Tatsuya because Maki told Takuma that he may be working for the Saegusa Clan. From this misunderstanding, Takuma looks at Tatsuya with contempt and disrespect because he believes that he isn't a family member of the Ten Master Clans, that he may work for the Saegusa Clan, and that he is only a second course student, a mere "Weed". It is also seen that it overwhelmed and frustrated him when he beheld Tatsuya's level of combat during Tatsuya's fight with Hagane. 

Sawamura Maki

Takuma is in a business relationship with Maki. It is unknown how they met, but Takuma trusts Maki and freely talks about his plans to elevate the Shippou Clan. Takuma is shown to believe that Maki is honest, polite, and has an innocent personality. He believes that Maki will help him accomplish his goals. However, Takuma doesn't know Maki's real personality is manipulative and slightly narcissistic, which allows Maki to manipulate Takuma in order to achieve her own goals.

The confrontation with Tatsuya in Volume 12 Chapter 15, when he blackmailed her with the recording of their conversation, has forced her to break up their relationship.

Shiba Miyuki

When Takuma first met Miyuki, he was greatly intimidated by her. This feeling lingers even after their first meeting, as he was reluctant to look at her whenever he noticed her presence.

Miyuki does not seem to care much about Takuma himself, but she greatly despises him whenever he appears to look down on her brother.

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