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Shinonome Yoshimi

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Character Name
Full Name Shinonome Yoshimi
Kanji 東雲 吉見
Furigana しののめ・よしみ
Personal Info
Age 21
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Novel Volume 18, Chapter 7

Shinonome Yoshimi (東雲 吉見) is a member of the Shinonome Family who is related to the Kuroba Family, a Branch Family of the Yotsuba Clan.

Appearance and Personality

Yoshimi is a tall women when compared to men. She is usually seen with the same look; wearing a pair of sunglasses, a casquette, and a muffler scarf that covers the lower half of her face up to her nose. [1]


Yoshimi is from the Shinonome Family who along with the Shiba Family are the founders of the Yotsuba (四葉) through the marriage of Shiba Kuuya and Shinonome Maaya after becoming a part of the Fourth Research Institute. However, the Yotsuba are just one family known to descend from the Shinonome Family. [2]

Yoshimi is the maternal cousin of the Kuroba twins, Kuroba Ayako and Kuroba Fumiya, due in part because her aunt, Shinonome Aya is the younger sister of Yoshimi's father. [3]

Yoshimi has been attending an Online School instead of attending a National Magic University Affiliated High School, all due in part because she is usually on search and discovery missions. [1]


Yoshimi has the ability to read the residual thoughts, or more specifically the Information Bodies left in the human body after death. [1]


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